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20 Centavo coin - replica, just like real

$3.00 -- A REAL 20 Centavo Coin for Johnson Products coin routines

Purchase 20 Centavo coin - replica, just like real

Here it is!  Should have added this years ago.  You can now order a REPLICA 20 Centavo coin for all your Scotch and Soda needs!  Johnson Products no longer offers to sell regular 20 Centavo coins, but these are really quite nice.

Purchase 20 Centavo coin - replica, just like real

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  • 20 Centavo coin - replica, just like real -- Here it is!  Should have added this years ago.  You can now order a REPLICA 20 Centavo coin for all your Scotch and Soda needs!  Johnson Products no longer offers to sell regular 20 Centavo coins, but these are really quite nice.

  • Cig thru Quarter Cig thru Quarter -- You borrow a quarter and a cigarette. You then push the cigerette RIGHT THROUGH the solid quarter! Then you take the cigarette out of the quarter, and hand everything back to their owners! This is the classic Johnson Products unit. The finest Cigarette Thru Quarter made.

  • Expanded Half Dollar -- The line above pretty much says it all: This is the Johnson Products New Expanded Shell! These are just about perfect for all you coin 'shell' needs. They fit perfectly over a regular half dollar. Note: We will always send a 'Tail' side coin. Why? Well, with a tail side coin you can use ANY REGULAR HALF DOLLAR YOU WISH!!! Yes, it CAN be problematic to use a head side shell that has a date...I can tell you from personal experience that folks do notice the date and if the regular coins you are using do not match date wise? Folks can and will bust you on it. All the time? No. But, why take the chance? REALLY have to have a head side coin let me know and I will see if I can get one. Note that Johnson does not always have them available. All best, Brad Burt

  • Hopping Half Hopping Half -- This is far and away my favorite 'Gimmicked' coin routine. I carry the Johnson Products version, which is simply the best out there! Also, note: This routine is shipped with MY OWN PERSONAL ROUTINE AND WORKING! My routine literally takes all the hassle, all the angles, every problem with the original routine and tosses them out the window and makes this one of the easiest and most amazing magic routines on the market....guaranteed! Here's the routine.... You openly display an English Penny and an American Kennedy Half Dollar: A copper and silver coin in other words. You show both sides and placing them both in your L.H. you close that hand and remove the SILVER coin and again, openly and cleanly place it in your R.H. pants pocket. You now ask the spectator helping the following question, "O.k., I have copper and silver coin and I placed the silver coin in my pocket..what does that leave in my hand?" The spectator will answer that it must be the copper at which point you reply, "Nope, these are magic Hopping Kangaroo coins and they jump from the pocket into the hand!" You open your hand to show that the silver coin IS IN FACT BACK! You repeat the above sequence only this time use you place the copper coin in your pocket. BANG! You get the same result, the copper coin magically returning to your hand. This is clean gang and remember MY routine is ANGLE proof and can be done standing and surrounded! O.k., you repeat once again, this time again placing the silver coin in the pocket. AGAIN, THE COIN JUMPS BACK INTO THE HAND! Pretty cool huh? Now, for the KILLER ending....You once again close your hand over the two coins and ask the spectator to name either copper or silver. The copper coin is selected and placed in your pocket. Again, you ask what remains in your L.H.??? When they reply you say, "Nope...sometimes they jump the wrong direction...." You open your hand to show ..........NOTHING!!! The hand is empty the coins have vanished and you are left clean! That's it! My highest recommendation if you are looking for something that is easy, visual and truly magical looking. -Brad

    Scotch and Soda Scotch and Soda -- TWO VERSIONS AVAILABLE: Johnson Precision Products at $29.95 does NOT include extra regular 20 Centavo, but is Top of the Line in Quality Tango Coin Products at $25.95 has extra coin and is a FINE piece of equipment AND includes extra normal coin. Select WHICH version you prefer above. Thanks! This is a classic set of coins with MANY different effect possible. In the "classic" handling, you display two coins, a silver half dollar and a copper Centavo. You hand the coins to a spectator who places then behind her back, and places one coin in each hand. You now ask her to show you the silver coin. She does so. Now, you ask her to show you the copper coin. She tries, but the copper coin is now a SILVER QUARTER! The copper coin is just GONE! This is a classic piece of magic that every magician should own! NOTE: At this time I carry two different versions of Scotch and Soda. #1- Tango Magic version is REALLY nice. Almost as good as Johnson AND it includes the EXTRA Twenty Centavo coin! #2- Johnson Products version is generally considered the best, but does not come with the second, normal centavo coin. It's a toss up for me now as to which I would recommend. If you don't need the extra coin for penetration effects, reproductions, etc. I might suggest the Johnson unit for the slight bump in overall quality. But...if you need the extra coin the Tango unit is an excellent choice! Just let me know which you would prefer. NOTE #2: Getting precision made coin products can be a real problem. There are weeks, even months at a time when Johnson or Tango will not have stock on hand. USUALLY...I can get one or the other and thus I offer both. Or, try to. -

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