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Connoisseur Special by Dan Archer Connoisseur Special by Dan Archer -- Right now, this is definitely a favorite around the shop. The 'demo guys' have gone nuts for it and it is selling like....well, whatever it is that you like that sells fast. Here you go: 3 cards are shown, say 2 black Aces and a King. You tell the spectator that you are going to perform an observation test. The King is placed in between the 2 Aces and the packet is squared. You ask the spectator if the King is face up or face down. Naturally, the answer is "Face up." Nope, wrong. The King has magically turned face down! You repeat the 1st phase a couple of times in various ways until you admit that you have been cheating (perish the thought). You have been using 4 cards instead of 3. You remove one card and place it face down on the table. You now ask the spectators the color of the 2 Aces. They answer, "Black". Wrong! They are RED! However, there are still 2 cards that are face down. You give the spectator one final chance by asking them to choose which card is the King. No matter which one they select they will pick an Ace, because the King has totally vanished leaving you with only 4 Aces. The King is then reproduced from your wallet, pocket etc. This is extremely easy, and is a total blast to perform. Walk around guys and table hoppers take note! Highly, Highly Recommended!

Vanished & Gone by Duffie Vanished & Gone by Duffie -- Dave fooled the STUFFING out of me THREE times with this puppy! This is going to be incredibly hot once the word gets out. You show a deck of cards. You tell the spectator that ONE and ONLY ONE card is "Gone". You now tell the spectator to think of any card. Without the spectator saying a word you give them the deck, and tell them to deal cards face up until they find their card. No matter what card they are thinking about you will prove that their card is "GONE"! This is one of those tricks that no matter what it is going to be good. BUT...if it goes one particular way it is simply SCARY. Wouldn't you know that that happened to me three times in a row! Highly Recommended

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