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This is the place where I am going to put all the REALLY, REALLY neat items that I brought home with me when I closed my store front and just have not gotten online yet.

Most of the items will be sold until sold out and then probably not restocked. But, all items listed will get the careful Brad Burt treatment!

Per the above comment...if you try ordering an item and it comes up, "Out of Stock" well, that's pretty much it! If it sounds like an item that you are REALLY interested in let me know an I'll be glad to see if it's still available.

Thank you and take care, Brad

Salad Dressing by Dave Eldridge Salad Dressing by Dave Eldridge -- The performer removes three red cards and three black cards from the pack. One at a time, the cards are placed in a pile, alternating red and black cards...or so it seems. Without any sleights whatsoever, the red and black cards separate! Again the cards are alternated, and it appears they will stay that way, but with a quick flourish the reds and blacks visually separate once more! To finish, the cards are again clearly alternated and then divided into two piles of three cards. Invisibly the performer switches the middle card of each packet and slowly turns the cards over to show the reds have once again separated from the black! Includes the specially printed Bicycle cards that do 99% of the work for you and David's detailed instructions. "One of the BEST Oil & Water routines that I have EVER seen!" -Paul Harris "Excellent! This is commercial magic at it's BEST!" -J.C. Wagner

Sneak-A-Peek Sneak-A-Peek -- NEW:  Demo on YouTube...Just cut and paste the address below into the URL bar. Brad: This has fast become, along with Wonderland Dollar, my favorite demo trick in the shop. This routine is so good that I am amazed that it has not gotten more buzz. Here's the effect: You display a nice looking deck of cards and tell the audience that it is a very, VERY special deck. It was made overseas by a brand new PSI sensitive plastic and paper laminate. So saying you spread the deck on your close-up mat or between your hands and show a BLUE backed deck. Make overt note of the color of the deck saying that it will be important later on. O.k., you now turn the deck face up and spread again showing that you have a full deck and that ALL the cards are different. You square the deck and holding it in your left hand you turn the deck face down and riffle up on corner asking a spectator to say 'stop' at any time. (The choice here is totally free...kind of...) They stop you and then you hold the deck so they can Sneak-A-Peek at the selected card. The see the Queen of Hearts. Now, you lay the deck face up on the table. Snap your fingers and pull the top card, a face up Joker off the deck. Underneath is the selected Queen of Hearts. This is cool, but you now spread the deck out and ALL THE CARDS HAVE CHANGED INSTANTLY TO QUEENS OF HEARTS!!! Not only that, but you turn the deck face down and spread it out and the backs have all changed to RED!!! This little trick is pure magic. No they can't touch the deck, but you simply say that it is so special that if it is not handled correctly you could destroy the magic coating and put it away. The effect is more than worth the small price and gets my highest recommendation.

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