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Cigarette Up the Nose by Gary Kosnitzky

$45.00 -- Very visual and very funny magic!

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Cigarette Up the Nose by Gary Kosnitzky Flat out this is the BEST version of this trick I have seen. Here what happens: You take a cigarette and VISIBLY push it up your nose. Get this: Your audience SEES the cork filter move slowly towards your nose. They SEE it go in. You open your move your hand to show it is empty! The Illusion is Perfect. Comes complete with the nifty gimmick and detailed instructions. "One of the greatest small illusions I have ever seen." -Michael Skinner

Purchase Cigarette Up the Nose by Gary Kosnitzky

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Card Between Plates by Jay Leslie Card Between Plates by Jay Leslie -- I am a great lover of the 'Have a card selected, signed, lost in the deck and then find it later in an impossible place later' theme in card magic. I have the LePaul Card in Wallet and tricks in which a folded card appears in matchbooks and small metal cans. Well, here is another addition to a magnificent magic theme. For any close-up worker looking for a trick that really looks like a miracle consider the following....A card is selected and signed by the spectator and lost in the deck. We've seen it before! But, this time, the card vanishes from the deck only to be found firmly secured by numerous rubber bands between two solid textured copper plates! There are some VERY COOL and practical benefits to this particular model. Consider: The plates are attractive and not gimmicked looking. They are made in such a way that you use the minimum number of rubber bands and thus the RESET TIME is FAST! The load of the card from a classic palm or as part of a routine using the double lift, etc. is EASY and QUICK. All in all this is a really nice item at a very fair price.

Cigarette Up the Nose by Gary Kosnitzky Cigarette Up the Nose by Gary Kosnitzky -- Flat out this is the BEST version of this trick I have seen. Here what happens: You take a cigarette and VISIBLY push it up your nose. Get this: Your audience SEES the cork filter move slowly towards your nose. They SEE it go in. You open your move your hand to show it is empty! The Illusion is Perfect. Comes complete with the nifty gimmick and detailed instructions. "One of the greatest small illusions I have ever seen." -Michael Skinner

Hundy 500 by Greg Wilson Hundy 500 by Greg Wilson -- You open your wallet and pull out a packet of one dollar bills. You open the packet and count the bills slowly showing them openly as you do so. Then you fold, slap and bang the bills change instantly into $100 dollar bills. (Feedback from the local pros is that changing Five Dollar Bills to Fifty Dollar bills produces better tips.....) EASY to do once you have the bills set up Greg gives you the work in his clear, concise and easy to follow style. If you like the bills can be changed back into ones, etc. A superb item well worth the money.

  • Matrix God's Way by John Born -- I am almost literally at a loss for words on this new product from coin manipulator John Born. It is THAT good. Let's start this way....What you get is a Computer CD Rom that shows a performance of many of the items in the book. Then you get a 100 page book with 18 extraordinary coin routines not all of which are Matrix themed. Two of the non Matrix routines involve the production of four half dollars from under four playing cards that you remove from the deck one at a time. Cards are literally tossed in the air, caught and then placed on the table and still a coin appears from beneath. The signature routine, Matrix God's Way is a multipart Matrix routine that is simply the best I have ever seen. Part of the problem with John Born's material is that it is SO good that it is difficult to get across in print just how good it truly is. It's magical. To paraphrase one guy I read online: "John Born's coin routines look like a camera trick, but they are not." This material is NOT for the beginner, but in fact most of the material is not that difficult. The reason is that John uses basic sleights, excellent routining, and, well, gaffed coins! If you get this product the least number of gaffs you will want is four magnetic halves. That is Half Dollars with MAGNETS in them, not shimmed. You will also want a couple of half dollar shells. There are a couple routines that need some really strange configuration of gaffs, but John is supposed to be coming out with those sets pre-made. All in all you don't need a ton of extras, but you do need some. BUT...the magic! The appearance of the coins beneath the cards is flat out the best production of it's kind. John's Matrix routines are wonderful and powerful magic that could do nothing except garner you a reputation as a top flight magician. Highly recommended for anyone interested in high end coin work.

  • Maximum Mind Control by David Eldridge Maximum Mind Control by David Eldridge -- David Eldridge's booklet Mind Control took the magic world by storm. Here at last was a place to find the  'Real Work' on the Magician's Force! And, indeed it was. Both the book and the video have been best sellers and that's with very little advertising on our part. Two years have gone by and David's NEW and EXPANDED work 'Maximum Mind Control' is now out and ONLY available from Brad Burt's Magic Shop. Maximum Mind Control has THREE TIMES as much material as Mind Control. It contains everything that was in the original Mind Control, but reworked and added to and THEN it builds from there. You get 100 FULL SIZE pages in a spiral bound format for easy reading and study. Yes, we ARE paying more to have them spiral bound, but this is a work book for magicians who want to CONTROL what their spectators select and when they select it! There is work here from such brilliant minds as Kenton Knepper, Lee Eearle, Peter Marcucci, and Bob Farmer. This IS the kind of information that will revolutionize your performance, and give you a set of tools and techniques that will add power to your magic. There are NO pipe dreams here. The material inside is practical, use-it-everyday magic technique. Want a quote from a top flight magic guy? Here: "'Equivoque' or 'The Magician's Choice' is an important, yet oft misunderstood and abused technique in magic. David Eldridge is a master of the art. Through his entertaining magic and metalism, he teaches the proper application of this very important tool. I have no "choice", but to recommend his work." -Michael Sibbernsen, Magic entertainer, writer, and creative consultantMaximum Mind Control contains items that Dave used to produce in the shop and sell as fast as he could make them!  Highly recommended.

    Movie Magician Movie Magician -- This is a truly unique magic effect. Imagine that you have a friend select a playing card. The card is placed back in the deck and the deck is now set aside. You remove a small plastic 'thing-a-majig' with a small lens and an on/off button. Your assistant now looks into the lens and pushes the on button and this is what they see..... A movie begins....A REAL MOVIE!!! Out walks a gentleman who removes a jumbo playing card and displays it openly to the audience....NOPE, it is NOT the selected card! The tiny magician wags his head in disappointment and then pops open the classic black top hat of conjuring fame and produces from inside a silk handkerchief with the image of a playing card. And, yes, it IS the correct card! This is fun and easy to do. Everything you need to know is in the instructions! A very limited supply left. Comes with the player, thin mini film cartridge and full instructions!

    Pro P.K. Kit Pro P.K. Kit -- Again, this is one of those items that is a pleasure to advertise and recommend. If you are not yet hip to the use of magnets to make things move, stick together, levitate, etc. then I guess I just gave it away! What the Pro P.K. Kit consists of is everything you could need to do the BEST magnetic P.K. work possible. First, you get what I consider the smallest and BEST P.K. magnet (and I've seen dozens!) on the market. It measures 2" by 2" and is 1/2" thick. It is SUPER POWERFUL and will do pretty much what you want it to. But, that's just the beginning. You also get Straps to attach the magnet to forearm, etc. You get shimmed matches and steel rings and a Booklet with tricks, set ups, etc. But, you get MORE. You also get a Hollow Deck of Bicycle cards to hide your new magnet in and shim material to make your OWN gimmicks! By the way the hollow deck is one of my 'personal' favorite things. Years ago I hollowed out a deck with an Exacto knife and it was a nightmare. The deck that comes with the Kit is a custom made die cut deck that sells for $25.00 just by itself! The magnet sold alone is $45.00. This is a superior deal of well balanced materials and information.

    Ricochet Ricochet -- The 4 kings and the 4 aces are removed from a deck of cards. The kings are placed face down in a pile in front of a spectator who covers them with her hands. The aces are held in the performers hands, and one at a time the aces change into the kings. The performer now reasons that if he holds the king the spectator must be covering the aces. The spectator turns her cards face up expecting to see aces, but instead finds kings. The spectators now look back at the performer's hands, and find the aces! This is EASY to do. In fact, there is even a handling which requires NO sleight-of-hand whatsoever, and is perfect for a beginner! This is GREAT. BUY IT NOW!

  • The Super Thumb Tip Package!!! -- This is one of the best deals in magic. Here's what you get: Three thumb tips of different sizes and two silk hankies in two sizes and a very nice set of instructions on vanishing the silk hanky! First, the Thumb Tips are similar to the Vernet tip only I like the color a LOT more. Darker and more natural I use it constantly in the shop. You get a regular sized tip for an adult. You get a medium sized tip for the 10 year old on up crowd and you get a Thumb Tip that is tapered for an adult woman! The silks are both small for the and medium and very nice. The instructions are excellent. If you want to get a GREAT GIFT for someone just starting out, you can't beat this with a stick!

  • Two Ones To A Two Two Ones To A Two -- One of the finest close-up pocket tricks you will every buy...guaranteed! I have done this for years and I can tell you...this one kills. Here is the EXACT effect as seen by the audience: From your pocket you remove and openly display two one dollar bills front and back. The bills are placed together and folded down into a packet. The packet NEVER leaves the sight of the audience. You snap the packet and open it instantly to show it has transformed into a single Two Dollar Bill! You show the bill front and back and then reverse the moves to split the Two back into two ones. Just that simple and clean. No Thumb Tips are used for this one. Although I have never had anyone ask to examine the bills, if you wish it is simple to place them in your pocket and switch for an ungimmicked pair. This trick is EASY, FUN and MAGICAL!

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