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Close-up Pad Regular size 14" by 18" Black

$22.50 -- Superb 'regular' sized pad for magic work. What I used on the counter in the store!

Purchase Close-up Pad Regular size 14" by 18" Black

Solid, long wearing black close-up pad.  What I use personally -  Brad

Purchase Close-up Pad Regular size 14" by 18" Black

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  • Close-up Pad Large 16"x20" Black -- This is a wonderful close-up pad.  I carry black only.  The size is what is sometimes called the "Card Worker" and at 16" by 20" you have plenty of room on which to work!

  • Close-up Pad Regular size 14" by 18" Black -- Solid, long wearing black close-up pad.  What I use personally -  Brad

  • Invisible Deck Invisible Deck -- You have someone THINK of ANY card. You then bring out a boxed deck, and place it in full view onto the table. The person now names their FREELY thought of card. You remove the deck from the box, and openly spread the deck face up. They will see only ONE face down card. The card is removed, and it proves to be the THOUGHT OF CARD! This is easy! No slieght-of-hand!

    MacDonald's Aces DVD MacDonald's Aces DVD -- From Brad Burt:  This is a great DVD.  A bargain really as it contains some of the best versions of one of the best tricks ever devised THE MacDonald ACES!  I felt the publisher write up was spot on and you go......MacDonald's Aces (World's Greatest Magic)Seven versions of magic's strongest card trick... assembled just for you!Imagine the best magic, the best magicians, and the best producers all in one place. Imagine no more... If you could have one set of magic DVDs, this would be it! This benchmark collection features just about all of magic's most enduring and classic effects and routines. It's a fabulous compendium with many of the top masters in the world of magic teaching their handlings and routines for some of magic's classics. Linking rings, sponge balls, metal bending, cups and balls, thumb tips, Zombie, color-changing knives, and many, many more topics are all gathered in this one terrific DVD reference set. Each volume covers a specific subject and features new, old, and sometimes rare footage by some of the top video producers in magic. There are many who would argue that the Ace assembly trick that has come to be known as MacDonald's Aces is the strongest card trick you can do for a layman. Though you may have a different opinion, you just may be tempted to change your mind after witnessing the six world-class performances on this volume. Leading off, Michael Ammar presents an easy-to-master, yet extremely effective, version of MacDonald's Aces while Johnny Thompson offers a take that intimately involves the spectators. John Mendoza is next with the approach of a classicist while Alexander deCova embellishes his interpretation with an amazing - and amazingly simple - four Ace production. Rising card star John Guastaferro offers up two versions. The first features complete vanishes of the Aces rather than a transposition and also supplies a strong presentational hook while the second is the perfect solution for performing this extremely strong card effect for a much larger audience. Lastly, Martin Nash dons his "Charming Cheat" persona and removes the Aces one at a time right from under a spectator's hand. Once again, MacDonald's Aces is one of card magic's rare feats - a genuine jaw-dropping miracle - and on this volume, you'll find seven of the finest treatises ever created. MacDonald's Aces - Michael AmmarAutomatic Aces - Johnny ThompsonMacDonald's Four Aces - John MendozaMacDonald's Aces - Alexander deCovaFamous Aces - John GuastaferroVino Aces - John Guastaferro 10,000Dollar Ace Routine - Martin NashCARDS INCLUDED!Running Time Approximately 1hr 33min

    Magic Coloring Book Magic Coloring Book -- This is another of those clasic items that just simply kills an audience. Although it is considered a 'children's' magic trick it does in fact play quite well for a large variety of audiences. The effect is simple, direct, easy to do and very, VERY magical: You display an ordinary looking coloring book. The pages are riffled open to show that ALL the pages are BLANK! Magic words are yelled at the poor book and zap...the book is now filled with black line drawings to color in! Again, the magic words, the wave of a wand and zap...the pictures are all colored in. The process could be reversed, etc. This is a great trick for kids to DO and to do for them!

    Magic Wand - Black w/ White Tips Magic Wand - Black w/ White Tips -- Hey, this is the classic. Black body with white ends and nice and long. For the beginner this is perfect!

    Mouth Coils - 26' regular size Mouth Coils - 26' regular size -- This is a classic item. You get 12 to a bag and use one per show, etc. You can produce them easily from the mouth, show, pocket, etc. Easy and fun to do!

    Mouth Coils - Jumbo 46' Mouth Coils - Jumbo 46' -- This is the BIG version of the reg mouth coil. Some use it from the mouth, but it works great as a finale production from a borrowed shoe, purse, etc. Very, very cool.

    Pop Eyed Popper Deck - Bicycle Poker Pop Eyed Popper Deck - Bicycle Poker -- This Bicycle poker sized Pop Eyed Popper Deck comes without instructions.  The rough/smooth deck allows for the easy force of one particular card.

    Slush Powder Slush Powder -- Want to vanish liquid in a styrofoam cup?  Well, this is the stuff to make that happen.  This stuff really soaks up the liquids and does it fast. 

    Steel Core Quarter Steel Core Quarter -- This is a good solid quality Steel Core Quarter that will stick to any magnet strong enough, etc.

  • Sudbury II DEAL..... -- That's the deal. Order 4 at a time and get them for $25 each. That's $10 off each coin!

  • The SUDBURY II Solid Copper Siver Dollar Sized Penny The SUDBURY II Solid Copper Siver Dollar Sized Penny -- The Sudbury Penny produced by the now defunct Sudbury Mint in Canada is a legendary magic prop. The original coins were made to be sold in novelty shops, but were outlawed by the U.S. Treasury and most of these wonderful coins were destroyed. Magicians, myself included, looked EVERYWHERE for Sudbury pennies. They looked Great. They felt Great. They were simply the best coin of its type ever produced. About five years ago I was able to buy 100 original Sudbury pennies from a store in Canada that had gotten them in an estate sale. I could easily have gotten $50 each. I put them out at $35.00 each in my Shopper Newsletter and within 2 1/2 days every coin had been sold. I could have sold hundreds more if I could have gotten them. Well, I took the plunge. Over a year ago I put into motion what needed to be done to have a copy of the Sudbury penny produced. It has taken a ton of time and ton of money, but I have them and they are ready for sale!!! Note: This is a limited run and I honestly don't know if I will ever produce them again. These are BETTER than the Sudbury original. Why? Because they are even CLEANER than the original. Nothing on them about Sudbury, etc. They look, feel, smell, the original. I am very, very pleased to offer these to the magic community! Note: The photo on the site is the best we could do. I will be getting better done. The photo does not do anywhere near the justice that the coin deserves. These are 100% GUARANTEED to satisfy or return for a full refund!!! Thanks and enjoy, Brad Burt, owner

    Two Ones To A Two Two Ones To A Two -- One of the finest close-up pocket tricks you will every buy...guaranteed! I have done this for years and I can tell you...this one kills. Here is the EXACT effect as seen by the audience: From your pocket you remove and openly display two one dollar bills front and back. The bills are placed together and folded down into a packet. The packet NEVER leaves the sight of the audience. You snap the packet and open it instantly to show it has transformed into a single Two Dollar Bill! You show the bill front and back and then reverse the moves to split the Two back into two ones. Just that simple and clean. No Thumb Tips are used for this one. Although I have never had anyone ask to examine the bills, if you wish it is simple to place them in your pocket and switch for an ungimmicked pair. This trick is EASY, FUN and MAGICAL!

    Ultimate Three Card Monte - Skinner Ultimate Three Card Monte - Skinner -- The following ad copy is from the supplier and pretty much tells the story.  Looking for a GREAT easy to do trick that 'does' take some practice...this is Top Notch!  -  Brad Michael Skinner's vast working repertoire, larger perhaps than any other magician in history, contained some of the most difficult sleight-of-hand tricks imaginable. Yet, one of his pet tricks, a feature of his close-up act at the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas where he performed for two decades, is this self-working miracle-the Ultimate 3 Card Monte. Don't be fooled by the fact that it almost works by itself, though. Michael Skinner fried audiences with this routine and after he released the secret, the Ultimate 3 Card Monte found itself into the working repertoires of professional close-up magicians all over the world. And now-it can be yours! Everything (except a bit of practice) is included in the package -professionally illustrated instructions, original patter, and the specially printed Bicycle-brand cards that make this miracle possible. The Ultimate 3 Card Monte-it's the stuff of legends.

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