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Cups and Balls Deluxe Chrome

$39.95 -- Beautiful set of cups

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I have always loved The Cups and Balls, but it has always been tough to find a GOOD set that was affordable. These cups are not only affordable, but the are GREAT! They are light-weight, so doing alot of the flourishes are easy to do. They also have a "musical" ring to them. Each cup produces a different tone when struck. They almost sound like chimes. These are fantastic, and are now my cups of choice.

Purchase Cups and Balls Deluxe Chrome

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3-D Bunnies 3-D Bunnies -- This is a classic effect where two sponge rabbits appear, disappear, and then multiply in your spectator's hand. This is very easy, and very magical. These rabbits are of the highest quality.

Atta Girl by Docc Hilford Atta Girl by Docc Hilford -- EFFECT: Three cards are chosen by three spectators. After shuffling and displaying the deck, the magician deals cards singly off the top until the spectators stop him. Amazingly, the three spectators find their own cards! Each revelation is stronger than the last, and the final card is found while the cards are shown face-up! Requires nothing more than the included deck of Bicycle cards No switches Suitable for close-up and stage performances Easy to do

Brad's Gold Shells Brad's Gold Shells -- From the olden days of carnivals, city back alleys, to magic shops, the three shell game has fooled them all. We humbly introduce the set of shells that grip perfect and perform with an expert feel. The shells are made in brass then twice gold plated. Each set comes with three shells, a rubber green pea and a collector's carrying case.

Buddha Money Mystery Buddha Money Mystery -- A classic little effect. You display a folded sheet of paper. The paper is unfolded to produce a small folded paper. This second one is unfolded to produce a third and the third is unfolded to produce a fourth. The fourth is unfolded and found empty. You place a quarter on the fourth paper and refold all four sheets of paper. Snap your fingers....unfold the papers and the coin is gone!!! The process can be reversed to make a coin or folded dollar bill, etc. APPEAR magically from the papers!

B'wave B'wave -- This is Dave's FAVORITE trick! A packet of four cards is shown. You tell the audeince that the cards are the four Queens, and that you have turned one of them face up as sort of a prediction. A spectator names one of the queens. The cards are spread, and the named queen is the ONLY CARD THAT IS FACE UP! Not only that, but it has a different colored back than the rest of the cards. If that is not enough, the other three cards are turned over, and they are TOTALY BLANK! Their named queen is the ONLY queen you have! This is easy, and totaly amazing!

Card Between Plates by Jay Leslie Card Between Plates by Jay Leslie -- I am a great lover of the 'Have a card selected, signed, lost in the deck and then find it later in an impossible place later' theme in card magic. I have the LePaul Card in Wallet and tricks in which a folded card appears in matchbooks and small metal cans. Well, here is another addition to a magnificent magic theme. For any close-up worker looking for a trick that really looks like a miracle consider the following....A card is selected and signed by the spectator and lost in the deck. We've seen it before! But, this time, the card vanishes from the deck only to be found firmly secured by numerous rubber bands between two solid textured copper plates! There are some VERY COOL and practical benefits to this particular model. Consider: The plates are attractive and not gimmicked looking. They are made in such a way that you use the minimum number of rubber bands and thus the RESET TIME is FAST! The load of the card from a classic palm or as part of a routine using the double lift, etc. is EASY and QUICK. All in all this is a really nice item at a very fair price.

Card Through The Glass Card Through The Glass -- This is WAY COOL! A signed card is placed on a piece of plexi-glass. A second spectator then places his own signed business card on top of the playing card. Now a second piece of glass is placed on top of all, and everything is "rubber-banded" closed. You tell the audience to keep their eyes on the playing card, and not to blink. You spectator's jaws will hit the floor as the watch the card VISIBLY, and without ANY cover of ANY kind, MELT THROUGH THE GLASS!! This is a very eerie effect, and will blow 'em away! Highly recommended!

Chinese Sticks Chinese Sticks -- Effect: You display two wands. From one wand hangs a gold cord with a gold tassle attached. The other wand has a gold tassle hanging from the top of the wand. As you pull the short cord down the long cord shortens. It appears that the two wands are connected. This is where it gets good....You separate the wands so that they are not touching AT ALL....And, then pull the short cord....again, the long cord shortens. There are many variations: You place one in a shirt pocket, etc. One of my favorite tricks, this IS a classic from the old school that maintains its effect. GREAT fun.

Chop Cup - Aluminum, Spun Chop Cup - Aluminum, Spun -- This is a basic spun aluminum Chop Cup.  Works great and is inexpensive.  I like the clean lines, etc.  For more information on Chop Cup see the description of my Chop Cup DVD!

Color Changing Knives Color Changing Knives -- ALERT!!!  I am now including as instructions with this neat set of knives my very own Down and Dirty Color Changing Knives Instructional DVD!!!  That's right.  Order a set of Knives and get a concise by detailed DVD by Brad Burt (that's me) on the correct way to do the Paddle Move, the Basic Thru the Hands Change, the Flick Change, the Transposition of Knives and my favorite Vanish!  Cool.A wonderful trick for the pocket. Used by many of the finest close-up performers world wide, this is an excellent starter set of knives. The effect is classic: You show a standard appearing pocket knife. In the most magical manner possible, the knife changes color and then changes color again. This DOES take sleight-of-hand and practice, but many, many magicians had this as their first trick. The instructions are quite good, but hopefully soon I will have a comprehensive video out on the 'Paddle Move' with an emphasis upon the knives.

Color Monte Color Monte -- This is one of my all time favorite magic routines. Although it takes a little skill it is well within the reach of anyone wanting to add a truly entertaining piece of magic to their act. The magician displays three cards-one with a blue spot and two which have red spots. He explains that the cards are used to play a game of chance, the object being to keep track of the card with the blue spot. If you find the blue card you win a dollar, but if you`re wrong then you owe a dollar. He goes on to relate how he was once taken by the game and shows how quickly he lost three dollars. Every time he thought he had the blue card it ended up being the red! Frustrated, he accused the man of not even having a blue card in his hands, but when it was shown on the bottom he lost another dollar! Trying to catch the hustler again, he stated that if the card was on the bottom it couldn`t possibly be on top, but was wrong again and lost another dollar! In a last ditch effort he guessed that it couldn`t be the center card, but once again lost another dollar! His running total was now up to six dollars. Continuing, the performer tells how he told the hustler that he thought more than three cards were being used, but was once again proven wrong and he lost another dollar! Being the gambler he is, he tried one more time, double or nothing. The hustler clearly showed one card with a red spot, a second card with a blue spot and stated all the magician had to do was guess the color of the third card. Red, right? Wrong again-the card isn`t red or blue, but a surprise card no one will expect! Comes complete with the three necessary cards printed on Bicycle stock and detailed instructions.

Connoisseur Special by Dan Archer Connoisseur Special by Dan Archer -- Right now, this is definitely a favorite around the shop. The 'demo guys' have gone nuts for it and it is selling like....well, whatever it is that you like that sells fast. Here you go: 3 cards are shown, say 2 black Aces and a King. You tell the spectator that you are going to perform an observation test. The King is placed in between the 2 Aces and the packet is squared. You ask the spectator if the King is face up or face down. Naturally, the answer is "Face up." Nope, wrong. The King has magically turned face down! You repeat the 1st phase a couple of times in various ways until you admit that you have been cheating (perish the thought). You have been using 4 cards instead of 3. You remove one card and place it face down on the table. You now ask the spectators the color of the 2 Aces. They answer, "Black". Wrong! They are RED! However, there are still 2 cards that are face down. You give the spectator one final chance by asking them to choose which card is the King. No matter which one they select they will pick an Ace, because the King has totally vanished leaving you with only 4 Aces. The King is then reproduced from your wallet, pocket etc. This is extremely easy, and is a total blast to perform. Walk around guys and table hoppers take note! Highly, Highly Recommended!

Crazy Cube Crazy Cube -- One of my first tricks this is a total fooler: You display two small black canisters with red caps. The smaller will fit inside the larger. You also display a small white die. You turn your back to the audience and ask a spectator to take the smaller of the two canisters and the die and select a number on the die and place it top up in the canister. They are then to firmly fix the cap on the top. You now turn to them take the small canister and place it into the larger canister and place the top on. You can now place the canister on the table, give to the spectator, etc. You concentrate....finally, you TELL THE SPECTATOR EXACTLY WHAT NUMBER THEY SELECTED!!! Cool, easy and very magical. You

Cups and Balls - Brass/Deluxe Cups and Balls - Brass/Deluxe -- The NEW ... Johnson Products CUPS AND BALLS are a Dream come true! "These are simply the best set of cups and balls that I have seen offered to the magic community in the 30 years I have been in the business. A must buy for the collector and anyone who wants to work seriously with cups and balls." - Brad Burt, owner Brad Burt's Magic Shop comes with... 3 HEAVY and SOLID Brass cups 4 balls carrying bag

Cups and Balls - small, plastic Cups and Balls - small, plastic -- Considered by many to be 'the' classic magic trick. Very probably the oldest trick on record. What you get here is the 'basic' routine in which one at a time three small balls apparently penetrate the top of three cups. Take a little bit of practice, but is easy, fun and magical to perform.

Cups and Balls Deluxe Chrome Cups and Balls Deluxe Chrome -- I have always loved The Cups and Balls, but it has always been tough to find a GOOD set that was affordable. These cups are not only affordable, but the are GREAT! They are light-weight, so doing alot of the flourishes are easy to do. They also have a "musical" ring to them. Each cup produces a different tone when struck. They almost sound like chimes. These are fantastic, and are now my cups of choice.

Deep Astonishment II - New and Improved Deep Astonishment II - New and Improved -- From Brad: This is an EXTRODINARY piece of magic. I honestly do not think that it is too trite to say that this is a Reputation Making routine. Everything has been thought out. The working is remarkably easy and straight forward. It is just flat out one of the best pieces of magic I have seen in years. Highly recommended! Everything About Deep Astonishment Has Been Improved, Simplified and Beautified. You display a leather gypsy envelope and a beautiful old gypsy fortune telling deck. Each card has a fortune printed right on its face. You ask your "client" to utter the name of a special someone to create a relaxed fortune telling atmosphere. Let's say her special name is "Rose." You then do a short three card reading for your client. The first card predicts good luck. The second card indicates an impending mystery. The third card hints that this impending lucky mystery might have something to do with an envelope. Could it be referring to the leather envelope lying on the table? You open the leather envelope and remove a small packet of fortune telling cards. Their backs are a different color than the cards you've been using! You slowly and cleanly deal the cards from the envelope on the table. The first card has a large hand drawn "R" on its back. The next card an "O". The nest an "S". The final card an "E"...spelling "Rose"! No one says anything for a very long time. Then a single word escapes your client's lips. "HOW?" * NO Cue Cards! * NO Memorization * NO Mnemonics * NO Lead-in Effect! * NO Cards to Hold! * Totally Angle Proof! * Completely Streamlined! * Includes a custom-made leather envelope and a full-color gypsy fortune telling deck!

Diminishing Returns Diminishing Returns -- Effect: You display the fronts and backs of a deck of cards to the audience. A spectator simply names any card they like, you remove the named card and set it aside face-up. You now spread the deck on the table and somehow the entire deck visibly shrinks to half of its original size! The selected card is the biggest one in the deck. Just when the audience catches their breath, the entire deck grows back to its normal size, and now the selected card has shrunk! To finish, the selected card visibly grows back to normal size!

Drawer Box Drawer Box -- Inexpensive Drawer Box that will vanish and produce small objects. Considering the price, this is quite nice. Easy to do.

Healed and Sealed Healed and Sealed -- It was the talk of the 2002 FFFF convention, performed by David Blaine in his national television special, "Vertigo" and now you, too will be able to literally devastate both magicians and laymen alike with Swedish magician Anders Moden's Healed and Sealed Soda. The Effect: An opened, emptied and crushed soda can slowly and visually heals itself, returning to it's original state-the hole in the top even magically reseals itself closed! To top off this mind-blowing routine you can even open the can with a pfzzzt! and pour the contents out into a glass! You'll receive the only authorized, illustrated manuscript which details preparation, handling and performance, plus everything you need to know to get the most out of this amazing principle. Only one normal can is used Easy to do "This is one of the most astonishing things I've witnessed in a long, long time!" -Matthew Field "Spectacular effect. Absolutely ingenious. Best trick I have ever bought...handsdown." -Joshua Mossholder

Impossible Card In Bottle! Impossible Card In Bottle! -- A signed card instantly appears inside a sealed bottle! That's how the routine plays. No fumbling extra steps or misused moments. This is as clean as they come - cleaner - it absolutely sparkles! A reputation maker, instant classic, any venue any time, etc. Forget the clichés, this is the best thing since sliced cards! You'll be struck back to birth when you see how clever and efficient this trick really is. The instruction book is all-inclusive. Every nuance and subtlety is described in vivid detail. Even the freshest newbie will understand each step. Alternative tricks, using the same gimmicks, are also taught. This is a serious box of magic. That's right, BOX of magic! The shoebox size packaging barely holds all the materials. However, once you decide which effects you want to perform, the gimmicks can fit in a watch pocket! This is the stuff miracles are made of, a clever concept and flawless execution.

  • Invisible Thread -- Good stock thread for close-up levitations of all kinds.

  • Just Passin' Thru Just Passin' Thru -- Imagine a piece of magic so incredible, so visually stunning, that it looks like trick photography...but it's happening live, inches from your face! A borrowed bill of any denomination is clearly and openly folded around a pencil. The bill is shown front and back to completely enwrap the pencil. With no moves, nothing added or taken away, almost instantly the pencil visually penetrates through the bill! The bill is once again wrapped around the pencil, but this time the pencil slowly... very slowly... melts... through... the bill! You will enjoy performing this effect as much as your audience will be delighted watching it. With how incredibly easy "Just Passin' Thru" is to do coupled with the fact that all you need to carry is a pencil, this effect just might soon become one of your perennial favorites. In addition, we have included Lonnie Chevrie's "Finger Thru Bill"... an amazingly visual, impromptu feat of magic that you will put to use immediately as the perfect follow-up to "Just Passin' Thru" or for those times when you don't have a pencil. Comes complete with detailed, step-by-step and thoroughly illustrated instruction booklet which guides you through every nuance in an almost frame-by-frame manner. Also included is a bonus DVD which contains performances of "Just Passin' Thru" and "Finger Thru Bill" by their creators as well as a detailed explanation for "Just Passin' Thru" for those of you who learn better visually.

    Loops Trick by Yigal Loops Trick by Yigal -- You get five pre-made invisible elastic bands for close-up levitation work: Dollar bills, moving small objects, etc. Comes complete with excellent instructions.

    Magical Block Magical Block -- Penny on the table. You cover it with a small red plastic block. The block is picked up to show the penny has changed instantly to a dime. Very, very neat.

    Mind Surf Mind Surf -- Any one of the four suits is freely named by a spectator (no magician's choice, force, leading, or linguistic deception of any kind). Upon removing four cards from a wallet the card which matches the spectator's chosen suit is the only one face down! What's more, the three face-up cards are Aces and the spectator's selection is turned over to reveal it is a King! Comes complete with all the necessary, specially-printed Bicycle cards, wallet, and detailed, fully-illustrated 12-page instruction booklet.

    Money Morph DVD Money Morph DVD -- This IS power magic. Kevin King has taken the classic Bill Switch and added a subtle twist makes this even more magic. Easy to do, this does take practice to perfect, but the small amount of effort needed will be repaid a 1000 times. The effect: Borrow a $1 bill and without it EVER leaving the sight of the spectators you transform it into a $100 bill. Or, a $5 bill or whatever suits! This is simply one of the best effects around. The DVD instruction is clean and easy to follow. All you need add is a Thumb Tip and you are ready to rock and roll!

    Movie Magician Movie Magician -- This is a truly unique magic effect. Imagine that you have a friend select a playing card. The card is placed back in the deck and the deck is now set aside. You remove a small plastic 'thing-a-majig' with a small lens and an on/off button. Your assistant now looks into the lens and pushes the on button and this is what they see..... A movie begins....A REAL MOVIE!!! Out walks a gentleman who removes a jumbo playing card and displays it openly to the audience....NOPE, it is NOT the selected card! The tiny magician wags his head in disappointment and then pops open the classic black top hat of conjuring fame and produces from inside a silk handkerchief with the image of a playing card. And, yes, it IS the correct card! This is fun and easy to do. Everything you need to know is in the instructions! A very limited supply left. Comes with the player, thin mini film cartridge and full instructions!

    Pea Can - Deluxe Brass Pea Can - Deluxe Brass -- This is one of those old, old classic pocket tricks. It is a great item for bar work.....(I wouldn't suggest this for table work in a restaurant, but...) O.K., what you have is a small brass can. Out of the can you pour three different colored peas: White, green and yellow. A spectator selects one of the peas and selects yellow. The yellow pea is placed in the can and the can is sealed with a cork. The can is shaken and the spectator is asked what is in the can? They answer, "The yellow pea!" Really, you ask? Here comes the 'punch line'......You ask the spectator to hold their hand out. Removing the cork from the Brass Can you pour what is inside onto their hand. What makes this so funny is that out pours a small amount of liquid. Yep, this is truly one of the few 'low brow' magic tricks out there. That said, it IS funny when done for the right crowd at the right time. I am pretty picky and I have done this for years and it has always gotten a laugh. No one has taken it too seriously. BUT....It is NOT for everyone.

    Penetration Frame Penetration Frame -- A red plastic frame is shown. In the frame is a solid clear plastic sheet. Two playing cards, business cards, etc. are placed on either side of the frame. A pen is thrust through the cards. You can show both side of the frame with the pen protruding from both sides. The pen is removed. The cards are removed. Suddenly the audience discovers that the plastic sheet has NO HOLES IN IT!!! Powerful, fun and easy to do.

    Pinnacle with Russ Niedzwiecki Pinnacle with Russ Niedzwiecki -- A borrowed object (finger ring). An everyday object (rubber band). Two of the strongest components of powerful magical experience combine in this four-phase presentation, whereby a rubber band penetrates on and off a finger ring-one strand at a time! On this DVD Russ Niedzwiecki finally explains his "Pinnacle Ring and Band" routine, revealing all the finesses sure to make this a modern-day classic that you'll immediately add to your performing repertoire. A truly impromptu miracle, you'll use this routine for the rest of your performing days!

    Precognition Deck Precognition Deck -- The magician tosses a deck of cards to any volunteer in the audience and relates that earlier in the day he had a premonition. He asks the volunteer to simply name any card in the deck-he has a completely free choice. The magician continues to explain that after his premonition he removed one card from the pack and placed it in his pocket. The spectator himself then removes the cards from the case and counts them out, looking at each card's face. He gets all the way through the deck and finds there are only 51 cards, none of which were his named selection! The performer reaches into his pocket and removes one card...the spectator's selection! No pocket indexes, roughing fluid, adhesives, short cards, deck switches or sleight-of-hand, the ingenious deck does it all for you The deck is in the spectator's hands before the effect begins and the magician never touches the cards Any of the 52 cards may be named Comes complete with the very special deck of cards and fully-illustrated instructions.

    Salad Dressing by Dave Eldridge Salad Dressing by Dave Eldridge -- The performer removes three red cards and three black cards from the pack. One at a time, the cards are placed in a pile, alternating red and black cards...or so it seems. Without any sleights whatsoever, the red and black cards separate! Again the cards are alternated, and it appears they will stay that way, but with a quick flourish the reds and blacks visually separate once more! To finish, the cards are again clearly alternated and then divided into two piles of three cards. Invisibly the performer switches the middle card of each packet and slowly turns the cards over to show the reds have once again separated from the black! Includes the specially printed Bicycle cards that do 99% of the work for you and David's detailed instructions. "One of the BEST Oil & Water routines that I have EVER seen!" -Paul Harris "Excellent! This is commercial magic at it's BEST!" -J.C. Wagner

    Sharky Sharky -- EFFECT: Imagine...a card is selected from a red-backed Bicycle deck and signed by the spectator. The card is freely shown both front and back and lost in the deck. The magician then introduces his sidekick Sharky (a blue-backed Bicycle card with a sticker of a card shark on the back). Suddenly, the blue card changes to red and Sharky has vanished! While humming the theme from the movie Jaws, the magician starts searching through the deck for the missing blue card. When the blue-backed card is found with Sharky on the back it is turned over and seen to be the spectator's signed selection! But that's not all...the card is also shown to have a corner bitten out of it! Great for Walk-Around Performances Includes Bicycle Gaffs and Stickers

    Shinkansen by Phil Goldstein Shinkansen by Phil Goldstein -- Effect: Four red-backed cards are displayed; they're counted and held by a spectator. Another set of blue-backed cards is shown, and a second spectator simply thinks of any one. The packets are held by the spectators, who stand far apart from each other. With the utmost fairness, the mentally chosen card vanishes from the blue packet and appears in the red! Includes detailed, 16-page booklet written by Phil Goldstein and fully-illustrated by Tony Dunn and the seven specially-printed cards on Bicycle stock that make this effect possible. I have never really liked the Cards Across Plot...until NOW! This is a very cool effect that you will learn quikly, and easily. I LOVE this trick!

  • Silk - Thumb Tip Size 9" -- Excellent small scarf for Thumb Tip work. Red is basic color. Let me know if you need a different color.

  • Sponge Balls Sponge Balls -- I love Sponge Balls. In fact I produced a best selling DVD called All About Sponge Balls (click below to check it out!) that has all you need to know about this incredibly popular form of manipulation. Takes practice? Yes, but not as intensive as say cards or coins. In fact it is my belief that Sponge Ball manipulation is THE easiest form of entry level sleight-of-hand. Vanishes, appearence, changes and multiplication. These round, red sponge balls made by Goshman are the best.

  • Svengali Deck - Bicycle Poker -- Astonish your friends with the amazing effects possible using this magic deck of cards and leave them dumbfounded! Just one of the effects possible: A spectator selects any card and its shuffled back into the deck. The magician then finds the card by changing the whole deck into the selected card!

  • The Super Thumb Tip Package!!! -- This is one of the best deals in magic. Here's what you get: Three thumb tips of different sizes and two silk hankies in two sizes and a very nice set of instructions on vanishing the silk hanky! First, the Thumb Tips are similar to the Vernet tip only I like the color a LOT more. Darker and more natural I use it constantly in the shop. You get a regular sized tip for an adult. You get a medium sized tip for the 10 year old on up crowd and you get a Thumb Tip that is tapered for an adult woman! The silks are both small for the and medium and very nice. The instructions are excellent. If you want to get a GREAT GIFT for someone just starting out, you can't beat this with a stick!

  • Thumb Tips Thumb Tips -- This is my favorite Thumb Tip: A latex rubber, opaque, matte finish with no seam. Excellent quality. These are perfect to go with any of the Bill Switches (See Money Morph below) or any other Thumb Tip application.

    Vanished & Gone by Duffie Vanished & Gone by Duffie -- Dave fooled the STUFFING out of me THREE times with this puppy! This is going to be incredibly hot once the word gets out. You show a deck of cards. You tell the spectator that ONE and ONLY ONE card is "Gone". You now tell the spectator to think of any card. Without the spectator saying a word you give them the deck, and tell them to deal cards face up until they find their card. No matter what card they are thinking about you will prove that their card is "GONE"! This is one of those tricks that no matter what it is going to be good. BUT...if it goes one particular way it is simply SCARY. Wouldn't you know that that happened to me three times in a row! Highly Recommended

    Whisper by Roger Klause Whisper by Roger Klause -- High powered visual magic that you are going to love. Whisper is basically Mr. Klause's version of the classic Cap & Pence routine. Here is the effect as the audience will see and experience it: You borrow six quarters and a penny. The coins are gathered together and placed on the back of a spectator's hand. You now make a cone from a borrowed dollar bill and place it over the coins. Instantly the quarters penetrate through the spectator's hand and fall to the table! The cone is removed to show the penny that was sitting on top of the quarters sitting on the back of the hand. You immediately hand out all the props for examination. That's it. Clean and beautiful magic from one of the crafts most creative minds. You get the special custom made gimmick. You get an incredibly detailed booklet with every thing you need to know laid out in a easy to understand and learn format. Try this, you'll like it!

    Wonderland Dollar DVD  by Nick Brown Wonderland Dollar DVD by Nick Brown -- This is one of those tricks that is . well .. PERFECT! Here is a trick that the first couple of times you perform it you won't know 'why' it works yourself. The EFFECT is stunning to both magicians and lay folks, but it REALLY blows away non-magicians. It is EASY to do and RESETS automatically. It fits easily in your wallet always ready to go. And .. Well, and, this is one of the only tricks I have ever seen that can be repeated and be more amazing than the first time. Want more? This is very likely the best 'add your own patter' magic trick that I know of. The patter possibilities are endless. What is the effect? I am literally going to give this everything I have, but I have to tell you.THIS is a hard trick to describe, because it does not fall into any of the normal categories. The closest I can get would be a transposition. You have to DO this to get the full impact and see what a powerful piece of MAGIC it really is. With that said, I want you to imagine a dollar bill with a ¾" door cut in the center of the bill. The little door swings to both sides of the bill. Now, imagine that the door is open on the FACE side of the bill. You reach forth and grab the edge of the bill with your thumb and first finger of your right hand. Now, imagine that you want to get to the other side of the bill still holding onto the door. How would you do it? You could cram yourself through the little tiny doorway, but that would REALLY hurt! You could let go of the door, push it through and reach around and re-grab it, but that is about as magical as standing still in the middle of a field. How about you watch I fold in the sides of the bill. Nothing has happened. Then I fold the bottom and top edges. Still nothing has happened. YOU confirm that you are still holding the door and you are still ON the face side of the bill. Then I make on more fold, you again confirm that NOTHING has happened and then..ZAP! I unfold the bill and you are now ON the other side of the bill. Get the picture? Nick Brown the inventor is both a terrific magician and a mathematician at Cal Poly. This is a brilliant working of a classic topological theme that will rock on lookers. I know, I've done the thing hundreds of times. And, get this BONUS: Your audience can look as hard as they want. They can watch the trick from every angle. It does not matter. They WILL be fooled! "Dear Brad - Thank you SO much for putting me on to the Wonderland Bill. I was looking for a gift for my son, who is in medical sales, and my son-in-law, who is in banking. While I was at it, I got one for myself. What a TERRIFIC effect! I use it all the time now in what I do as a consultant and professional speaker. The magic taking place as they hold on to the small door cut into the bill is what power magic is all about. AND...the fact that they can stare at the bill while the magic happens and simply not spot the method increases the magical nature of Wonderland Bill. My son has had much success in his sales work. He says that it gives him a great opening in his contact with MDs and, of course, the investment banker loves it. I have very, very seldom seen a magic trick that has more across the board usefulness. Over the many years I've known you, you've never given me bad advice...and, you've told me stuff NOT to get. Thanks again, this is a real winner in the magic lottery! Sincerely, Bill Kerley, Professional Speaker and Consultant" You get the DVD with detailed instructions on HOW TO MAKE your OWN WONDERLAND DOLLARS! You also get a brand NEW Wonderland Dollar made personally by me, Brad Burt. In other words, you are ready to go right out of the box! Try this one, you won't be sorry you did. Best, Brad Burt

    Sneak-A-Peek Sneak-A-Peek -- NEW:  Demo on YouTube...Just cut and paste the address below into the URL bar. Brad: This has fast become, along with Wonderland Dollar, my favorite demo trick in the shop. This routine is so good that I am amazed that it has not gotten more buzz. Here's the effect: You display a nice looking deck of cards and tell the audience that it is a very, VERY special deck. It was made overseas by a brand new PSI sensitive plastic and paper laminate. So saying you spread the deck on your close-up mat or between your hands and show a BLUE backed deck. Make overt note of the color of the deck saying that it will be important later on. O.k., you now turn the deck face up and spread again showing that you have a full deck and that ALL the cards are different. You square the deck and holding it in your left hand you turn the deck face down and riffle up on corner asking a spectator to say 'stop' at any time. (The choice here is totally free...kind of...) They stop you and then you hold the deck so they can Sneak-A-Peek at the selected card. The see the Queen of Hearts. Now, you lay the deck face up on the table. Snap your fingers and pull the top card, a face up Joker off the deck. Underneath is the selected Queen of Hearts. This is cool, but you now spread the deck out and ALL THE CARDS HAVE CHANGED INSTANTLY TO QUEENS OF HEARTS!!! Not only that, but you turn the deck face down and spread it out and the backs have all changed to RED!!! This little trick is pure magic. No they can't touch the deck, but you simply say that it is so special that if it is not handled correctly you could destroy the magic coating and put it away. The effect is more than worth the small price and gets my highest recommendation.

    Dragon Thread DVD Dragon Thread DVD -- This is the finest version of the classic Gypsy Thread effect ever released. Simply put, this is stunning magic and the DVD format makes it a dream to learn! Your hands are shown completely empty - fingers wide apart -before, during and after this effect. There is no lapping, no palming and no get-ready. Remove a 15" length of string, tear it into several small pieces and place them on a spectator's palm. Now gather the broken pieces, roll them into a ball, and proceed to unravel the fully restored string! Read that again. It sounds impossible. It looks impossible. It is impossible. But you do it and repeat it immediately - anytime, anywhere, under any conditions. Mike Wong's Dragon Thread comes a professional shot DVD, complete with over the shoulder explanations. Also included is enough Dragon Thread for hundreds of performances. Forget the old way of performing Gypsy Thread - do it the WONG way! They hear and see the thread break! They hold the broken pieces while you show your hands empty! The thread never leaves their sight!

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