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$62.50 -- A Fantastic Wallet designed to make a miracle effect even easier to do!

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Heirloom Wallet I was skeptical about this wallet until I finally bought one and saw what a truly fine job they did with it. This is a wallet you can carry full time, have set up to do Heirloom and thus give yourself an effect you can do ANYTIME and ANYWHERE that is virtually guaranteed to FRY your audience! Heirloom is THAT good. Well, if you are looking for a wallet to use WITH your Heirloom set may seriously want to consider this one. The wallet is made of top quality leather. Looks simple and elegant and is 'specially' made to do just what you would want it to do when it comes to Heirloom. The wallet is so constructed that you can actually show it to have NO OTHER CARDS when you remove that 'special' one! Highly recommended.

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Essential Magic Conference DVD Set (8 DVDs) Essential Magic Conference DVD Set (8 DVDs) -- From Brad:  Below is the ad copy for the Essential Magic Conference 2010.  I include it because it gives the names of those presenting, lecturing and performing.That said here's my personal review:  Wow!  No really.  This is an amazing prduct and worth every penny.  Imagine an entire 3 day convention all on dvd.  That  is 'essentially' what you get.  Now, it's different from an on ground convention in this:  The presentations were subject to a 20 minute time limit.  My ONLY, hmmmm, what?  Problem...?....with some of the presentatons is that I wish they had been longer!!!  I wanted more!!!   In almost every case the 'tricks and techniques' that I would like to learn, that were explained I will be able to learn.  But....BUT.....much of the magic taught was fairly advanced (not all!), but the stuff I liked.  You would HAVE to have a back ground in those areas or you would be lost.  But, to be honest, learning "tricks" was only a part of what was offered.  Frankly, the numerous lectures on the philosophy, history, etc. of magic was what really stood out to me personally and I LOVED the actual magic that was deomonstrated and in some cases are ONLY looking for tricks or trick/explanation dvds......DO NOT GET THIS PRODUCT.  I mean that.  Not trying to trick you.  Not trying to use reverse psychology.   Read the reviews.  The one in Magic Magazine was probably the single most positive review of a product I have ever read there and I mainly read the product reviews! There was so much great material it's difficult to get a handle on just what to point to.  I loved the Mike Caveney lecture on the Robert Harbin Zig Zag controversy.  I LOVED the coin magic of Ponta the Smith.............WOOOOOOW!!!!!  And, his teaching, although his English is weak, was really quite good.  The Gaeton Bloom lecture on creativity AND the tricks taught:  OUTSTANDING!  The young guy named Helder was just superb.  These were highlights among a bunch of highlights.Was there nothing to critisize?  A very, very few of the presenters had such limited English that it was a little problematic, but sheesh...SO minor a problem.  I wish that some of the guys could have demonstrated and explained their magic for like 10 hours straight, but, hey.......No, all told this is an extraordinary set of DVD's that I will actually watch again and I honestly can't say that about much I get to watch.  I'm looking forward to the 2011 event coming the 7-9 of July!All best, Brad Burt**********************************************************************************************************************The world's first internet conference for magic and magicians is now available in 8 DVDs. Every moment was captured on hi-quality video and audio and is now available on a special EMC Boxed Set of DVDs. Every lecture and performance given at EMC is on the DVDs, together with our Discussion Panels, Q&As, Bonus Tricks from Max Maven and T. A. Waters and our Passion for Magic videos. That's 16 hours of magical material. Also included are the complete chat logs, hundreds of pages of online chat. Check out what our registrants were talking about throughout the conference. An outstanding source of knowledge and a real collector's item.It's a never before seen amazing line-up. The 8 DVDs contain performances and lectures from some of the world's top magicians...Anton Lopez, Apollo Robbins, Barry and Stuart, Carlos Vaquera, Cyril Takayama, Dani DaOrtiz, David Britland, De'Vo Vom Schattenreich, Eric Eswin, Eric Mead, Finn Jon, Gaetan Bloom, Gazzo, Gene Matsuura, Guy Hollingworth, Helder Guimar„es, James Freedman, Jason England, Lennart Green, Luis de Matos, Marco Tempest, Max Maven, Miguel Angel Gea, Mike Caveney, Paul Kieve, Paulino Gil, Ponta The Smith, Richard McDougall, Richard Wiseman, Stan Allen, Ton Onosaka, Topas and William Kalush. REVIEWS "I highly recommend this set...." Matthew Field, The Magic Circular Magazine 6/1/2011

Gypsy Monte Set by Mark Elsdon Gypsy Monte Set by Mark Elsdon -- This is a very direct Three Card Monte routine where the spectators simply cannot keep track of the ace.  This is very, very clean and easy to do.  What I really, REALLY like about this version is the 'old' looking cards.  They have a 200 year old antique look to them which opens up a ton of patter variants.  Cards are well make and a set should last some time with care. You are supplied with the 3 vintage looking cards and photo-illustrated instruction booklet.  Recommended.  -Brad Oh....before I forget...I found a really nice demo of the routine on YouTube:

  • Insurance Policy -- This is what I call a quick add...something I should have done like 10 years ago.  Insurance Policy is simply one of the great card routines of all time.  When I was doing shows I did it every show I worked.The routine concept is simple:  A spectator selects a card.  It is lost in the deck and YOU FAIL TO FIND IT...several times you fail.  Hmmmmm....rats!  Well, you say, that's ok, because I am covered to the tune of ten thousand dollars if this trick fails to work.....funny how often it fails!!!  You remove a folded offfical looking paper policy.  You mug it up and build suspense and then open the policy which has a HUGE image of their card on it!Plays one on one or to an audience of literally thousands!  Killer and highly recommened.

  • Powerball 60 Powerball 60 -- Here's a link to a very nice demo by the manufacturer of Powerball 60.  I can assure you that the reactions you see by the spectators on this clip are very much the same reaction that I have gotten!  Give a look.....!  Brad Burt here and have I got a KILLER new item whether you are a Mentalist or Magician.  It's called Powerball 60 by Richard Sanders and Bill Abbott.  I HAVE one and I'm performing it and, well, it's a BLAST!  In a second I'll let you read the ad copy which is perfectly right on the money.  But, I wanted to preface what you are about to read wth my 'read' on this wonderful new item.  Get it!  You will have a blast.  The tickets look EXACTLY like real Lotto Tickets.  The method is as old as the hills, but here you are getting it in a version that really SELLS!  One of the strongest points in the presentation is that the tickets can be placed FACE DOWN during the working!!!  O.k., here is the down and dirty:The EASIEST, most PRACTICAL MINDREADING effect EVER! EFFECT:Have a spectator think of any number between 1 and 60 and to imagine that number as their secret winning lottery number. For fun, hand them your used scratch tickets and ask them to see how many winners they would have had.By this simple action alone...YOU NOW KNOW THE EXACT NUMBER THEY ARE THINKING OF! SIMPLE TO DO! 100% ACCURATE EVERYTIME. INSTANTLY REPEATABLE as many times as you want with DIFFERENT NUMBERS every time! No sleight of hand. The tickets do all the work for you! Completely EXAMINABLE. Nothing to replace. Use this over and over. Finally a magic prop THAT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE A MAGIC PROP!POWERBALL 60 is the perfect covert tool to throw into your wallet.No need for peeks, impressions or special wallets.With Powerball 60, the tickets do all the work for you.With the simple and natural action of asking the spectator to see how many winning tickets they would have had, your very special set of Powerball 60 tickets will openly reveal to you any number from 1 to 60 that the spectator is thinking of. What's fantastic about the method is that it is so natural that even the most observant spectator will have no clue how it's done or that you have even done anything at all. The possibilities are endless: READ one or several minds at once! PREDICT their winning LOTTERY NUMBER in a sealed envelope! Read Minds FROM 50 FEET AWAY. Perform POWERBALL ON STAGE for hundreds of people. All this and so much more...right out of your wallet! Comes complete with Powerball Training DVD and custom designed REAL scratch lottery tickets. PLUS:Upon purchase you will receive access to PowerGuide, A FREE PDF DOWNLOAD. 30 pages jam packed with amazing ideas and the keys to unlocking the hidden secrets of your POWERBALL tickets. Available in versions for: USA and Canada Europe United Kingdom PLEASE NOTE:  I will be carrying the US version, but I will be happy to order up one special in the UK or the European version.  You can let me know what you would like when ordering. - Brad

  • Spider Pen Batteries - 6 Pack -- These are the basic batteries for the Spider Pen.

  • Spider Thread Refills by Yigal for Tarantula Spider Thread Refills by Yigal for Tarantula -- This package contains two Spider Thread spoolers, each with over 25 feet of ultimate super-fine invisible thread, designed specially for the Spider Pen, Tarantula, and other motorized reels in the Yigal Mesika series. Intended for the use of levitating and animating objects!

    The Mullica Wallet The Mullica Wallet -- Hello!  I have been using my Mullica Wallet for over 30 years and still love it.  It is probably the best walk around do it anytime Card in Wallet ever devised.  The wallet I sell is the same one (authorized version!) that I bought all those years ago.  Below is some ad copy the pretty much says it all.....Remember, if you have questions please let me know at:"This may well be the most perfect card to wallet principle ever! While it is easy to do, it is baffling and entertaining! At any time and with a borrowed deck, the performer has a card freely selected then initialed or marked for identification. The card is returned to the pack and shuffled. Then with an empty hand, the performer removes the wallet from his pocket. A face down card is seen in the wallet. A message on the face of the card instructs the performer to look in the other wallet. A smaller wallet is then removed from the "wallet proper". Inside this inner wallet is the chosen card!! No palming is necessary. No Forcing. And best of all, when the performer returns the wallet to his pocket, it is ready to do again!"

    The Pro Viper III by Terry Lunceford The Pro Viper III by Terry Lunceford -- PLEASE NOTE:  Because of the weight and size the Pro Viper is always shipped at the exact cost of shipping via Priority Mail.Man, Oh man, Oh man!  The Pro Viper is back and it's better than ever!  Each unit is still hand assembled and crafted by Terry.  The remote is a little slicker than last time....but, essentially this IS the Pro Viper's you can now get one!  Remember Terry has not made a Viper for a number of years despite the continued demand.I can hardly think of a Parlor/Stage trick that I like better than my friend Terry Lunceford's PRO VIPER Snake Basket routine. It is simply a killer, visual, commercial piece of magic that comes with a hilarious comedy routine to boot!  YOU are in control of exactly when the unit triggers!  It uses the latest in high tech remote systems to give you perfect and total control of the trick. Here is the basic routine (Remember the video supplied with your Viper has Terry doing his routine at the Magic Castle in Hollywood...and it IS great!): A spectator is asked to come up on stage. She is asked to select a card and SIGN the card. The card is mixed back into the deck and the deck is placed openly next to a small basket on a table center stage. You now engage in some comedy byplay which leads to a colorful custom made spring snake leaping from the basket with the SELECTED AND SIGNED CARD IN IT'S MOUTH!!! It REALLY is the signed card! Card can be removed and handed to your assistant. This is a very strong and entertaining routine that can be made to work with almost any audience type. Here is a Link to TWO "YouTube" videos of differing interpretations of the Viper... The first in particular is simply funnier than a hundred Gerbils on a kitchen, you get the idea:    Click HERE now! The routine is supplied on a DVD and is FILLED with humor and well thought out bits of business.  One of the things that I have looked for over the years are FULLY realized routines that you can do as they are presented OR that are so good, so filled with possibility that you can REALLY make them your own!  The Pro Viper III is just such a routine.  You are supplied with everything you need. do need to have some basic card handling skill, but fairly basic.  If you can handle just the first 1/3 of my Basics of Expert Card Technique?  You are IN!  Heck you could use a Stripper Deck for that matter and really make it easy on yourself!Note:  Terry is getting a first run of units ready right now.  If you want Pro Viper III please get your order in as soon as you can so I can get at the front of the line for stock.  I do NOT say this very often of almost anything, but this is a routine that is a true reputation maker and it can be done in a living room or on a large stage for hundreds of people.  If you have ANY questions at all please let me know.  All very best, Brad Burt, ownerBrad Burt's Magic Shop Online"Enhancing Your Ability to Work Wonders!"

    Bendix Bombshell Wallet by Dave Bendix Bendix Bombshell Wallet by Dave Bendix -- Hello!For years one of my favorite 'Working' wallets was the Bendix Bombshell Wallet designed by Dave Bendix.  I used it for years in my professional Close-up Work.  Simply put, it ROCKS!There has not been a really good quality Bendix Bombshell wallet available in the US for quite some time.  Well, there is now.  I don't know how long they will be available but I can get some right now!!!  Here's more info from the manufacturer:"If the wallet were not enough Martin gives you a fantastic book incorporating lots of great routines and idea by some of the greatest names in magic. Needless to say it 's produced to the very high standard that we have come to expect from Martin." -- Barrie Segal This Bendix Bombshell Wallet was invented by Dave Bendix and has long been unavailable. The good news is that it is now available direct from Martin Breese or from your favourite dealer world-wide. Unique and Ingenious: The wallet is unique and ingenious and enables you to perform the signed card to deck without sleight of hand or palming and no stealing of a card from the deck is required at all. The wallet is made to the highest standards for me by Tony Curtis in Thailand and is much better than the original version first produced in the 1980s. The wallet comes complete with a large A4 book containing routines from talented magicians and magical creators such as the late Ed Marlo, Roberto Giobbi, David Solomon, Dave Bendix, Phil Goldstein, Bob Driebeek, Roy Roth, Peter Isaacs and Borodin. There are nearly 12,000 words of explanation and routines plus illustrations. Many performers rate the Bendix Bombshell as the best magical wallet ever! That's CORRECT!  Not only a First Class wallet, but a First Class book ON the wallet!  If you have been wanting a Bendix Bombshell here is your chance.  This is a great deal.  -Brad Burt

    Deep 3 by Bro Gilbert (DVD and Deck) Deep 3 by Bro Gilbert (DVD and Deck) -- Maybe the best way to start is to have you just watch the demonstration video.  Ingnore the goofy opening and watch for the final effect.  If you are a close-up table or walk around performer this will be a hit!     CLICK HERE FOR DEMOI honestly didn't think I could do better than what the supplier had already written, except to put on my own 'seal of approval'.  This is a clever practical little pocket miracle the effect of which will stay with folks for a long time.  It does what all the best close-up magic does:  It personalizes the routine and effect to the audience.  Highly recommended. -  Brad BurtHere's the EFFECT:You show off two exotic antique Jokers that you carry in your bicycle deck for good luck.You then ask a special someone to take a walk down memory lane as they remember their very first kiss... and the name of the lucky person behind those lips. It could be any name... but let's say the name happens to be Bro Gilbert.Now, with empty hands, you cleanly spread through the facedown bicycle deck, revealing the two lucky antique jokers from a moment ago. She removes the two jokers and discovers a bold black letter drawn on each of their backs... a B and a G. The initials of the first person she ever kissed!And yes, just like deep astonishment, it works with any name.It starts with a memory... and ends with a miracle.Bro Gilbert has merged two classics of magic into one of the most ingenious decks of our time. Deep 3 is nearly self-working and exceptionally clean in handling. You can show the backs and faces of normal bicycle cards and your spectator removes the two lucky jokers herself. With Deep 3 in your pocket, you'll be constantly set (and re-set) for an intimate miracle, or a showstopper for a formal performance. Manufactured with a red bicycle deck, Deep 3 includes custom vintage "lucky lady jokers" with high-contrast backs so your hand-written letters show up clearly close-up or in front of larger groups. No other props or gimmicks are needed. Bro Gilbert's Deep 3 is the easiest, most direct, most convenient evolution of the Paul Harris classic that you'll ever perform. REVIEWS "...clean and has such a presentational hook that it went straight into my Walk-Around case when I got home. Especially with summer coming up and the ton of weddings I have booked, this trick is an absolute no brainer...this trick was a hit all day! " Jamie D. Grant, Magic Friday Reviews on the M 5/5/2009 Full Review "...well made and is smooth in execution...5 of 5 Stars!" John Teo, Magic Boutique (Singapore) 5/7/2009 Full Review

    True Astonishment Box Set (9 DVD's and Props) True Astonishment Box Set (9 DVD's and Props) -- NOTE:  This item no longer comes in the original wooden Puzzle Box.  Sorry!  Material the same, but they discontinued the special box.Shipping Note: The full package is 6 lbs of shipping weight.   The shipping will be ONLY what it costs to ship and no more!  I will package your unit to help insure that all gets to you safe and sound.  Thanks and all very best, Brad WELL!!! I have finally seen the first 4 DVD's myself and they are ....... (I've seen them all now!  Great stuff...)WONDERFUL! This is KILLER, First Class material and I can't wait to see the other 5! Just on the basis of the first 4 I can give this my Highest Recommendation. For the most part the material is fairly easy to do...BUT...the Effects are just simply magical! This is something you will love. -Brad As noted in my email I contacted a LONG TIME friend at the exclusive supplier for this item before it came out. I have learned over the years that I can trust him to give me the REAL scoop on any product I ask about. Here's what he said in reply to my question about True Astonishment: "It's AMAZING... everything from production to material is unbelievable. The box is a beautiful wooden box. It has a dial in the front - when you turn it it shows TA for True Astonishment and when you turn it upside down it says PH. That locks/unlocks the box. There is a prop for each of the 9 DVDs... cards, the TA pen, etc. There are over 40 cookies/Easter eggs on the DVDs with interviews (Blaine, PH, Ammar, etc.), tricks, weird things, etc. These are SO good Brad." - Mr. X True Astonishment Box Set (9 DVDs and props) by Paul Harris Imagine that thrill when you were a kid and got your first bike, your first dog, your first car. Imagine the thrill you got when you read the early Paul Harris books or the Art of Astonishment books. These are all moments you will never forget. You'll get that same feeling as you take a journey through Paul Harris' True Astonishments. True Astonishments will be Paul Harris' current, definitive, and final legacy. This is a monumental project of the highest caliber from the production to the material... it's simple, elegant, practical, and beautiful. True Astonishments is one of the most important projects to be released in the last 30 years. With the True Astonishments Collector's set you will get: * 9 DVDs in three fold cases with elegant images and artwork to inspire. * Material ranging from exciting new creations by Paul and friends to groundbreaking work on many Paul Harris classic effects. * Effects with cards, coins, bills, business cards, lighters, bottles, leafs, buttons, oranges, and so much more. * Interviews with David Blaine, Eric Mead, Michael Ammar, Eugene Burger, Jeff McBride, Mac King, Chuck Martinez, Looy Simonoff,. and with Paul himself. * Secret props to help create cutting edge astonishments. * In addition to the jam packed reputation making content contained within, you'll also find yourself twisting along secret passageways filled with hidden treasures. In OVER 40 hidden cookies throughout the DVDs you'll discover amazing bonus effects, interviews, and footage just waiting to be found. * Performances and teachings by Bro Gilbert, Wayne Houchin, Jeff McBride, Cheng Lin, Andrew Gerard, and other top creators and performers. * PHoote Notes for most effects which is Paul discussing his thoughts, ideas, tips, and added handlings for each effect. * The TA Pen which will revolutionize the way you think about magic with dollar bills. * Truly astonishing effects, interviews, philosophy and beautiful landscapes, all specially shot in the rain forest of a tiny beach town on the coast of British Columbia. The live performances include a cast of friendly dogs, walks in the wilderness, weird PH tidbits and a glut of local beauties who experience the True Astonishments. * You'll find this all packaged in a beautiful, custom made wooden puzzle box designed by one of the world's leading puzzle box makers which will handsomely and proudly display this important collector's set Be part of the most important project to come along during your time in magic - Paul Harris' True Astonishments.. Here is a peek into True Astonishments: DVD 1 Twilight Angels: Wayne Houchin performs a beautiful rendition of this classic PH effect. Paul has said repeatedly that this may BE his all time favorite effect. Backlash 2: Paul and TA director Bro Gilbert took one of one of the most popular effects from the Art Of Astonishment books tore it apart, rebuilt it from the ground up and pumped up the ending till it explodes. New Leaf: Another ingenious organic piece of strange from Paul and Bro. This new version of Leaf moves into the spectator's hands completely, and with a simple rubbing, everything becomes whole again. The next time you're in the middle of the woods and someone asks to see something magical you've got a lifetime supply of props and a beautiful little moment to share. Cheng's Change: This is mind-blowing. Perform Zapped! with normal cards. Five cards visually morph into fine different cards right under their noses. Did we mention NO GIMMICKS? Big Tiny: A spectator's signature reassembles itself and multiplies in their hands. They honest-to-god truly mix up the cards and then the ink morphs into their name. DVD 2 The New Las Vegas Leaper: Ok, this is so brilliant and so simple! Basically, you do the original PH routine with some new touches and add a whole new twist to end on. You'll kick yourself for not having thought of it. Tubular: Paul's impromptu miracle where two signed bills impossibly morph into one bill with both names... all in the spectator's hands. Cheng's Riser: The card visually and slowly rises towards the top. Then with barely a wave of the hand it melts right through to the very top. No gimmicks, just beautiful methodology. Growing Card by Tomoyuki Shimmura: This bizarre piece of strange happens in full view. A card visibly squishes out of shape as it slowly stretches and grows to twice its size in full view. Beautifully performed and taught by Robert Smith. DVD 3 Casanova Inc: Steve Haynes contributes two streamlined elegant handlings of his breakthrough Casanova Concept with business cards. Half Moon Trading Company: Paul has devised a brand new principle that is guaranteed to expand your mind using a normal card case and a borrowed imagination. Half Moon Voodoo: A new re-wired version of Guy Hollingsworth's Voodoo Card that ups the happy and glad quotient. You can show the deck freely before the start of the trick. There's nothing to find. Pack of Lies: A brand new look at the PH Vanishing Deck. Bro's knock-out handling will forever change how we vanish our decks. Solid with Happy Ending: Paul's completely new method for the classic Solid Deception. The deck goes solid just like before but this time the cards happily undo themselves. DVD 4 Dr. Fun: After over forty attempts Paul finally nailed this biggie that has all the impact of Deep Astonishment and The Anything Deck, except you can use ANY deck. Imagine the emotional impact when you are able to predict the happiest moment of someone's life! Name Dropper: A spectator is able to mysteriously and visually print her own name. Lubor's Lens: This is the definitive work on Reality Twister. For everyone out there who just couldn't figure out the right presentation for this, the wait is over. Along with a brand new presentation, you get your very own Lubor's Lens included with the set. Naked Strange: Paul's immaculate gimmickless, impromptu version of Strange Travelers. Simple, powerful and true. Gerard's Warp: Andrew Gerard adds a new psychological twist and turn to Card Warp that left Paul and Bro speechless. Andrew warped their minds so thoroughly, they had to go back to the tape and re-examine what they thought had happened. DVD 5 Transcendental Bar Bet: Transcendental Bar Bet: This is the PH completely hands off, in your face (and on the table), card vanish. Oh yeah, the deck is completely normal and you never touch it during the vanish. The spectator actually vanishes the card herself. Extraordinary Proof: Andrew Gerard is back with a self-working Stop masterpiece that leave your holding your favorite spectator's hand. All you have to do is show up and deal. Tensegrity: Patrick Snowden's strange improbably balanced card sculptures have been pumped up to a new gravity-defying level. Can be done anywhere, surrounded, etc. A true piece of strange that leaves one dangling from the crumbling edge. Reswindled: PH's hand picked choice as the definitive version of Reset. Caleb Wiles has come up with the real work. The two piles never touch and he's added a fully integrated big finish! DVD 6 Smoking Eye: This beautiful feature PH creation with a couple of signed examined matches was inspired by Paul's kid sister Janet when, after surgery, wisps of smoke began coming out of her eyeball. The Weirdling: Michael Weber has taken a stack of those coffee cards you get at your favorite local java joint and flipped them inside out. Comes with your own special coffee cards. Ripped and Fryed: Charlie Frye has come up with the most incredible Torn And Restored Technology to date! Whether you play with this in the mirror or on the town, you will love doing this! Cellmates: Meet your soulmate!. She gets your number, you get hers and you both share plenty of laughs along the way. Cellmates is Paul's no-pressure romance inducer with a no-worry ending that puts the odds in your favor. DVD 7 Water Trap: Bro Gilbert's unimaginably cool new approach to Doug Bennett's signed- coin- in- matchbook plot. A genuine breakthrough new method that allows you to improv the prep with a normal matchbook in ten seconds! Dunn's Deal: Shaun Dunn presents his version of Galaxy. This time, the spectator is shuffling her whole way through the entire effect. Just when they think it's all over... you tell her to shuffle again. Invisible Palm by Wayne Houchin: You've seen the video of Wayne performing this for years, now learn all the finesse and handling he's brought to this PH classic. Truly Screwed: This is the new and improved Improv Screwed Deck. Incredibly visual and a treat for your fingers. And the really screwy thing here, is the worse you do the key move here the better it looks. DVD 8 Belly Button: This is Paul's unbelievable brainstorm for doing card through window with a campaign-type button.. using the spectator's own shirt as the window! SOS: Paul's new version of Color Stunner is more streamlined, simplified and simply a better more joyous thing. Muscle Bend: A borrowed coin bend that starts and ends with empty hands. Involves a mystery "organic ungimmicked gimmick" that will change the way you bend coins forever. Unstable Label: Andrew Gerard's "Label to Inside of Bottle" with no palming or gimmicks. Perform with a normal bottle in a moment's notice. DVD 9 TA Pen. Having fun yet? This 9th and final DVD includes a special PH custom gimmick which will not be available separately for quite a while. What is the TA pen? It's a new gimmick that makes immaculately clean bill changes, switches, and animations. Everything about the pen is self-contained and can even be handled and used as a normal pen by spectators. If you thought this is all enough to keep you busy for a couple of years, you'd be right. But there is one last final thing on DVD 9: Paul's very own Angel Cake. Angel Cake is....a slightly troubling once-in-a-lifetime principle. This slice of ph cake almost definitely will give you some sleepless nights contemplating the philosophical implications of this karmically loaded astonishment. Angel Cake is...a brand new theory in bill changes that allows you to....well, you'll just have to find out for yourself. Paul Harris' True Astonishments... the truth is finally out!

  • Six Card Repeat -- For over 30 years Six Card Repeat was one of two openers for my act. It ROCKS! It's as simple as that. In Six Card Repeat you have a wonderful trick that will instantly give you 'cred' with your audience. It LOOKS magical and is entertaining as well. For 20 years I taught it in the various magic schools that I both developed and ran as head instructor. The method I use is a classic that allows you to openly handle the cards and put all your attention into the presentation. The patter is a variant of that found in Tarbell Vol. 1 and is easily transformed by YOU into something will fit your act and personality. Effect? You walk out and begin telling the audience a story about how 'you' became interested in magic. It happened as you walked along a street downtown. You see a magician working the corner and he is doing a trick in which he openly and visibly counts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 cards. He tosses away 3 of the cards and then instantly counts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 cards again! run to the nearset magic shop and ask the fellow behind the counter, "Do you have the trick where you count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 cards, toss away 3 and still have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 left?" The guy thinks for a moment and then tells you..... Well, you get the idea. The cards are counted and cards tossed aside 4 times with a perfectly logical and entertaining reason why. Everyone is always asking for a good opener....I GUARANTEE that this one fits the bill! I hope to have a demo of the routine up on the site soon. All very best, Brad

  • Misled by Timothy Wenk Misled by Timothy Wenk -- What more could you ask for? Misled was created by FISM award-winning inventor Timothy Wenk and performed exactly as described in this booklet by David Copperfield on international television! Effect A bill of ANY denomination and if you like and someone has one, a pencil are borrowed from a member of the audience. I just use the pencil that comes with the package, but it's cool to borrow one if you can! The borrowed bill may be marked for later identification if desired. You proceed to use the pencil to pierce a hole in the center of the bill-there`s no doubt that the pencil is truly through the bill. Watch the audience gasp (especially the bill`s owner) at what happens rip the pencil through the bill-the audience clearly sees the pencil rip through and they can hear the sound of paper ripping! Yet, somehow the bill is left completely unharmed!You offer to repeat the effect, this time the pencil mysteriously melts through the bill in slow motion-it looks unbelievable! Both the pencil and the bill may then be handed out for complete examination. Comes with very special gimmick, pencil and detailed instruction booklet. From BRAD: This is one of my all time favorite tricks. It simply rocks. When it originally came out it consisted of just the part where the pencil seems to 'melt' through the bill. Personally, that's all I ever do myself as I have found it so powerful that the additional penetration is not necessary and maybe a little overkill. But, that's just me. In any case, this is a truly worthwhile piece of visual magic. Highly recommended!

    Heirloom Wallet Heirloom Wallet -- I was skeptical about this wallet until I finally bought one and saw what a truly fine job they did with it. This is a wallet you can carry full time, have set up to do Heirloom and thus give yourself an effect you can do ANYTIME and ANYWHERE that is virtually guaranteed to FRY your audience! Heirloom is THAT good. Well, if you are looking for a wallet to use WITH your Heirloom set may seriously want to consider this one. The wallet is made of top quality leather. Looks simple and elegant and is 'specially' made to do just what you would want it to do when it comes to Heirloom. The wallet is so constructed that you can actually show it to have NO OTHER CARDS when you remove that 'special' one! Highly recommended.

  • Basic Skill with Cards by Jerry Mentzer -- Excellent small text of basic card handling technique.

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