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Impossible Card In Bottle!

$39.95 -- Incredible "Card To Impossible Location" effect.

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A signed card instantly appears inside a sealed bottle! That's how the routine plays. No fumbling extra steps or misused moments. This is as clean as they come - cleaner - it absolutely sparkles!

A reputation maker, instant classic, any venue any time, etc. Forget the clichés, this is the best thing since sliced cards! You'll be struck back to birth when you see how clever and efficient this trick really is.

The instruction book is all-inclusive. Every nuance and subtlety is described in vivid detail. Even the freshest newbie will understand each step.

Alternative tricks, using the same gimmicks, are also taught. This is a serious box of magic. That's right, BOX of magic! The shoebox size packaging barely holds all the materials. However, once you decide which effects you want to perform, the gimmicks can fit in a watch pocket!

This is the stuff miracles are made of, a clever concept and flawless execution.

Purchase Impossible Card In Bottle!

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Brad's Gold Shells Brad's Gold Shells -- From the olden days of carnivals, city back alleys, to magic shops, the three shell game has fooled them all. We humbly introduce the set of shells that grip perfect and perform with an expert feel. The shells are made in brass then twice gold plated. Each set comes with three shells, a rubber green pea and a collector's carrying case.

B'wave B'wave -- This is Dave's FAVORITE trick! A packet of four cards is shown. You tell the audeince that the cards are the four Queens, and that you have turned one of them face up as sort of a prediction. A spectator names one of the queens. The cards are spread, and the named queen is the ONLY CARD THAT IS FACE UP! Not only that, but it has a different colored back than the rest of the cards. If that is not enough, the other three cards are turned over, and they are TOTALY BLANK! Their named queen is the ONLY queen you have! This is easy, and totaly amazing!

Card Through The Glass Card Through The Glass -- This is WAY COOL! A signed card is placed on a piece of plexi-glass. A second spectator then places his own signed business card on top of the playing card. Now a second piece of glass is placed on top of all, and everything is "rubber-banded" closed. You tell the audience to keep their eyes on the playing card, and not to blink. You spectator's jaws will hit the floor as the watch the card VISIBLY, and without ANY cover of ANY kind, MELT THROUGH THE GLASS!! This is a very eerie effect, and will blow 'em away! Highly recommended!

Card Thru the Window By John Kennedy Card Thru the Window By John Kennedy -- John Kennedy's Card Thru Window is not inexpensive but you'll soon see why. Imagine this: A card is freely chosen from an ordinary deck. You tear off a corner and hand it to a spectator as a receipt. The rest of the card is replaced in the deck and inserted back into the box. "Watch This." you say as you walk up to a window and hold the box behind the closed curtain for about two seconds. As if it were your own private theater, you open the curtain and reveal a card stuck on the window. Its back is showing and a corner is missing. "What was your card?" you ask. You then flip it over and stick it back on the glass. Yes, it is indeed the selected card! Now for the strange part: The spectator walks up to the window to match the corner, but all of a sudden realizes that the card is actually stuck on the OUTSIDE of the glass! He's wondering how this could be possible. After all, you just turned the card over a few moments ago. But it gets even stranger. The big payoff: You take the corner from him and slap it against the window. It instantly and visibly sticks to the glass on the OUTSIDE of the window! That's right, both parts of the card are now stuck on the outside of the glass! It looks surreal because they're spaced slightly apart but obviously fit together perfectly. If your audience hasn't gone through the roof by now, you must be working in a cemetery. The one-of-a-kind breakthrough: John Kennedy has spent 20 years making this the most powerful and practical method ever. You can perform it in FULL DAYLIGHT! It's totally different from anything else. There's no difficult sleight-of-hand, no overly complicated preparation, and no bulky contraption. John Kennedy's Card Thru Window comes with the simple props as well as a booklet and computer CD (PC/Mac) video of John's performance, explanation and handling. Roof repair not included. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Can it really be performed in full daylight? Absolutely. Day or night, it doesn't matter. Does the effect require any difficult sleight-of-hand? Not really. The average person will probably need about 2-3 hours of practice to master it. Is there a lot of preparation involved? Every known version of the "Card Thru Window" effect requires some advance preparation. John Kennedy's Card Thru Window requires minimal preparation because the special props are already built and ready to use. Does it work on any window? Almost all windows will work, including partitioned French windows, sliding glass windows and doors, etc. Locked windows and windows that don't open work, too. Exceptions are strongly tinted, double paned, or unusually thick glass windows. Those don't work because the audience can immediately tell that the card is outside, thus destroying the shock value of the effect. Does there need to be curtains on the window? No. The basic presentation uses a covered window (closed curtains, blinds, etc.), but several variations (along with a special prop) are included for uncovered windows. All of the versions are essentially the same effect. Everything is explained in the instruction booklet. Are you "clean" at the conclusion? Can you leave the card on the glass for the spectators to examine? The inside of the window is always left "clean" so that your audience will find no evidence. If you want the outside of the glass "clean" as well you must either leave out the last phase where the corner penetrates the glass OR you must remove the card from the outside of the window at some later time. The routine is designed so that you can perform each phase alone or in combination to cover almost any condition you encounter. All of this is covered in the instruction booklet. I don't have a computer with a CD player. Can I still learn the routine? Everything is explained in the illustrated booklet. You don't need to watch the CD ROM to learn the routine. What am I getting for my money? John Kennedy has worked on this effect for 20 years in a quest to find the best possible solution. You are paying for the best and most practical method there is, along with the necessary props. The price is high to keep the routine out of the hands of "hacks" and less-than-serious performers. Even if they were to learn the secret, they could not easily build the props. Do NOT expect to receive fancy equipment. John has eliminated every complication and has devised the simplest and most practical method possible. The props are precision and well built, but are relatively simple. What if the main gimmick breaks or wears out? The main gimmick is meant to use over and over again, but can wear out or become broken over time. Because of the price and exclusive nature of this effect, we give an unconditional lifetime warranty on the main gimmick. If it ever breaks or wears out we will replace it and ship it back to you for a nominal fee. Be careful not to lose it, though. We do NOT sell refills because we don't want unauthorized people performing or having access to the effect at a reduced price. Here's the bottom line. If you want the most powerful and practical "Card Thru Window" effect that money can buy, you want John Kennedy's Card Thru Window. Period. From Brad: What John offers in this package is truly extrodinary. Although it seems expensive I cannot imagine anyone spending less than many times the cost to come up with something even close to as workable. This is not a pipe dream piece of magic, but solid professional fare that you CAN use.

Cigarette Up the Nose by Gary Kosnitzky Cigarette Up the Nose by Gary Kosnitzky -- Flat out this is the BEST version of this trick I have seen. Here what happens: You take a cigarette and VISIBLY push it up your nose. Get this: Your audience SEES the cork filter move slowly towards your nose. They SEE it go in. You open your move your hand to show it is empty! The Illusion is Perfect. Comes complete with the nifty gimmick and detailed instructions. "One of the greatest small illusions I have ever seen." -Michael Skinner

Healed and Sealed Healed and Sealed -- It was the talk of the 2002 FFFF convention, performed by David Blaine in his national television special, "Vertigo" and now you, too will be able to literally devastate both magicians and laymen alike with Swedish magician Anders Moden's Healed and Sealed Soda. The Effect: An opened, emptied and crushed soda can slowly and visually heals itself, returning to it's original state-the hole in the top even magically reseals itself closed! To top off this mind-blowing routine you can even open the can with a pfzzzt! and pour the contents out into a glass! You'll receive the only authorized, illustrated manuscript which details preparation, handling and performance, plus everything you need to know to get the most out of this amazing principle. Only one normal can is used Easy to do "This is one of the most astonishing things I've witnessed in a long, long time!" -Matthew Field "Spectacular effect. Absolutely ingenious. Best trick I have ever bought...handsdown." -Joshua Mossholder

Psi-Con Ruse by Phil Goldstein Psi-Con Ruse by Phil Goldstein -- Effect: A spectator is asked to freely shuffle a deck of cards. The mentalist displays a book on divination, explaining that he has been studying Cartomancy-the ancient system of telling fortunes with playing cards. An envelope is then given to the participant to hold and the performer says, "Even though we've never met before, inside this envelope is a Cartomantic reading that I've prepared just for you. Let's see if the system works!" The top five cards of the shuffled pack are taken and displayed by being inserted into the edge of the book. The spectator is told to choose any of the five cards. The selected card is, for example, the four of clubs. The four unchosen cards are shown to be all different. When the fortune message is removed from the envelope, it reads: "You have a compassionate nature and strong leadership potential. Your sense of humor is admired by others. Your lucky card is the four of clubs!" Includes detailed, 8-page booklet written by Phil Goldstein and fully-illustrated by Tony Dunn and the five specially-printed cards on Bicycle stock that make this effect possible.

Sharky Sharky -- EFFECT: Imagine...a card is selected from a red-backed Bicycle deck and signed by the spectator. The card is freely shown both front and back and lost in the deck. The magician then introduces his sidekick Sharky (a blue-backed Bicycle card with a sticker of a card shark on the back). Suddenly, the blue card changes to red and Sharky has vanished! While humming the theme from the movie Jaws, the magician starts searching through the deck for the missing blue card. When the blue-backed card is found with Sharky on the back it is turned over and seen to be the spectator's signed selection! But that's not all...the card is also shown to have a corner bitten out of it! Great for Walk-Around Performances Includes Bicycle Gaffs and Stickers

Shinkansen by Phil Goldstein Shinkansen by Phil Goldstein -- Effect: Four red-backed cards are displayed; they're counted and held by a spectator. Another set of blue-backed cards is shown, and a second spectator simply thinks of any one. The packets are held by the spectators, who stand far apart from each other. With the utmost fairness, the mentally chosen card vanishes from the blue packet and appears in the red! Includes detailed, 16-page booklet written by Phil Goldstein and fully-illustrated by Tony Dunn and the seven specially-printed cards on Bicycle stock that make this effect possible. I have never really liked the Cards Across Plot...until NOW! This is a very cool effect that you will learn quikly, and easily. I LOVE this trick!

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