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  • Fanning Powder - Nielson -- This is a superb quality powder for card work.  Best way to use?  If doing a full deck:  Take a lunch sized paper sack.  Open fully and place the deck inside kinda of spraying the cards in to separate them.  Place 1/8 teaspoon of Powder inside and then close bag and shake the heck out of it.  Shake for about 30 seconds.  Now, remove cards and square up, etc.  Check to see if there is any decernible amount of excess powder on the cards.  If there is then wipe off the cards front and back with a soft cloth.  Ta da!  You deck will fan like crazy. Note:  I do NOT recommend you do this for any deck you are going to use for regular card work!!!  The powder will transfer to your fingers and make several moves more difficult to do.  Use decks so prepared for stage type manipulation.  -  Brad

  • Magician's Rope - Deluxe  50 foot hank Magician's Rope - Deluxe 50 foot hank -- Comes in Red, Yellow, Blue and White this is a 3/8" rope without a core that holds it's shape and is simply wonderful to manipulate! The colors are true and vibrant. The rope is soft and flexible. The down and dirty is this: A great high quality manipulation rope that comes in colors!  This IS my personal rope of choice.  -Brad Burt

    Mismade Dollar Bill Mismade Dollar Bill -- The Mis-Made DOLLAR BILL with permission from JAMES LEWIS   WRITTEN BY JOHN LOVICK   Imagine borrowing a one-dollar-bill and with just a few simple folds transforming it into an impossible condition a Mis-Made Dollar Bill with the corners in the center and the center in the corners. The spectators may thoroughly examine the bill frozen in this impossible state as there is no glue, tape, or other adhesive. This strange Mis-Made Dollar Bill is genuine, 100% U.S. Currency. This is the original, genuine, and only authorized version of the Mis-Made Dollar Bill.   Includes: One expertly manufactured Mis-Made Dollar Bill made using the careful guidelines of James Lewis to ensure the highest quality product. Thorough instructions with 39 step-by-step illustrations. An easy and effective handling of the bill switch. Extra tips and ideas. A brief history of The Mis-Made Dollar Bill.   This is the original James Lewis Mis-Made Dollar Bill.

    Mouth Coils - 26' regular size Mouth Coils - 26' regular size -- This is a classic item. You get 12 to a bag and use one per show, etc. You can produce them easily from the mouth, show, pocket, etc. Easy and fun to do!

    Mouth Coils - Jumbo 46' Mouth Coils - Jumbo 46' -- This is the BIG version of the reg mouth coil. Some use it from the mouth, but it works great as a finale production from a borrowed shoe, purse, etc. Very, very cool.

    Rabbid, Jr. Rabbid, Jr. -- 7 1/2" tall and will fit even more comfortably into your pocket. Although the larger of the two is probably a better comedy bet, this is perfect for close-up work.

    Thumb Tips Thumb Tips -- This is my favorite Thumb Tip: A latex rubber, opaque, matte finish with no seam. Excellent quality. These are perfect to go with any of the Bill Switches (See Money Morph below) or any other Thumb Tip application.

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