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New to Magic?

Hi, my name is Brad Burt and I've been teaching, selling and creating magic for over 35 years. The tricks in this section of my online catalog have been carefull selected to not only be easy for the newcomer to magic to master, but they KILL!!!

In every case I have personally performed the tricks in this section hundreds and in many cases thousands of times. What this means for YOU is that if you encounter ANY problems or questions I am going to be able to help you. My email is: and I am here to help you have a BLAST with magic!

NOTE: This is a new catagory to replace some others with much focus. I will be adding many more tricks and routines that better fit the catagory description. Stay tuned.

Wonderland Dollar DVD  by Nick Brown Wonderland Dollar DVD by Nick Brown -- This is one of those tricks that is … well …. PERFECT! Here is a trick that the first couple of times you perform it you won’t know ‘why’ it works yourself. The EFFECT is stunning to both magicians and lay folks, but it REALLY blows away non-magicians. It is EASY to do and RESETS automatically. It fits easily in your wallet always ready to go. And …. Well, and, this is one of the only tricks I have ever seen that can be repeated and be more amazing than the first time. Want more? This is very likely the best ‘add your own patter’ magic trick that I know of. The patter possibilities are endless. What is the effect? I am literally going to give this everything I have, but I have to tell you…THIS is a hard trick to describe, because it does not fall into any of the normal categories. The closest I can get would be a transposition. You have to DO this to get the full impact and see what a powerful piece of MAGIC it really is. With that said, I want you to imagine a dollar bill with a ¾” door cut in the center of the bill. The little door swings to both sides of the bill. Now, imagine that the door is open on the FACE side of the bill. You reach forth and grab the edge of the bill with your thumb and first finger of your right hand. Now, imagine that you want to get to the other side of the bill still holding onto the door. How would you do it? You could cram yourself through the little tiny doorway, but that would REALLY hurt! You could let go of the door, push it through and reach around and re-grab it, but that is about as magical as standing still in the middle of a field. How about this….as you watch I fold in the sides of the bill. Nothing has happened. Then I fold the bottom and top edges. Still nothing has happened. YOU confirm that you are still holding the door and you are still ON the face side of the bill. Then I make on more fold, you again confirm that NOTHING has happened and then….ZAP! I unfold the bill and you are now ON the . . .

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