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Hello! The items in this category are not magic tricks, etc. in and of themselves, but have to do with those things that are a help in being a successful performer. Things like Marketing, Health and other facets of success! Enjoy! - Brad

  • Hustle Hustle New Edition-Joel Bauer -- This book is now a classic. Written by one of the most successful working magicians around it is filled with information that will help you book shows and then book repeat shows.

  • Hustle Intensive II DVD (4 DVDS!) -- This is Joel Bauer's BEST and NOW available in DVD at a NEW Lower price!!! Two days of raw unedited video of Joel live and teaching on the marketing techniques and philosophy that have made him one of the highest paid magicians in the world. Comes with book of resources, but the real meat is contained on the four long play video tapes of the LIVE seminar. This is a special item! It is difficult to describe what you get on these DVD's. Joel goes all out and delivers a extraordinary amount of material on getting work in the corporate market. I generally suggest that you just watch the DVD's once through without taking notes. Watch them again and take notes. The third time through you should have sifted out about 25% of the material on the DVD's! I experimented taking notes and jotting down ideas generated off just the first Disc....before I had even finished it I had over 30 pages! If you are looking for ideas to push you forward to the next level professionally, you can't go wrong here. It's about 19 years after the seminar that generated these videos. Joel is now making over 2 million dollars year. That's pretty good for a magician, speaker, trainer. What Joel tells you is this: YOU control your future. YOU decide how much money YOU want to make and YOU can do the things that will generate that income. Go for it. -Brad

  • Mentalism Incorporated - Hickok Mentalism Incorporated - Hickok -- This is a book for what may prove a small audience. I'm not sure. Here is what you get: The finest book yet released on WORKING for corporations....and how to use Mentalism in that particular setting. You get everything: Routines, patter, how to contact and who to talk to. And, well much, much more. This is the real stuff and frankly the price is much to low. I can tell you from personal experience that in any other professional setting the information in this book (which is beautifully hardbound, etc. by the way) would cost $200-500. I'm not kidding. Information of this quality and specific nature, that deals with an area of magic performance that commands HIGH fees, etc. would cost hundreds in any other setting. If you have even a little bit of a handering to work for big money you should get and read this book. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

    Strength Training Without Weights Strength Training Without Weights -- Hello: I want to introduce you to a fabulous DVD by a friend of mine, Don McDaniels. A former college gymnast and gymnastics coach Don have for years worked on developing an easy use anywhere anytime system for developing a high degree of what is known as "Functional Strength". This is the type of strength that allows you to use your body to it's maximum potential. Don's system is based on his years as a gymnast and gymnastics coach. Gymnasts have the highest level of strength to body weight of any athlete and gain much of this strength using ONLY their own body weight to provide the resistance necessary to condition and train their muscles. Using only a couple of chairs, a piece of rope, a wall Don will show you with exercises that GRADUALLY increase in difficulty how you can have a wonderful and increasing degree of Functional and Usable strength without the use of heavy weights, etc. Don's system offers the greatest degree of flexibility while at home or on the road of any with which I am familiar....and, I am familiar with a LOT of them! If you are looking for a truly flexible exercise regimen that is guaranteed to produce results I highly, HIGHLY recommend that you give this one a look. All the very best, Brad Burt

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