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The Richey Technique Revealed by Docc Hilford

The Masterpiece That Built An Empire

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Reverend Dr. Patrick Richey built an empire with a single technique for answering his audience members' questions, whether in private readings for a single sitter or on stage for hundreds. Although his presentation was roughly copied, the secret method was kept from others until he revealed it to Docc Hilford before his death and now Docc is spilling all the beans!

With this ingenious technique the questions are never even written by the participants, but each is directly answered-you could even seal the answers in envelopes for the sitter to take home and read later, with specific names, dates and answers.

Purchase The Richey Technique Revealed by Docc Hilford

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B'wave B'wave -- This is Dave's FAVORITE trick! A packet of four cards is shown. You tell the audeince that the cards are the four Queens, and that you have turned one of them face up as sort of a prediction. A spectator names one of the queens. The cards are spread, and the named queen is the ONLY CARD THAT IS FACE UP! Not only that, but it has a different colored back than the rest of the cards. If that is not enough, the other three cards are turned over, and they are TOTALY BLANK! Their named queen is the ONLY queen you have! This is easy, and totaly amazing!

Fem Fatal by Docc Hilford Fem Fatal by Docc Hilford -- Docc Hilford's Cassandra Deck is a special deck of cards that made magical history in 1999 when it sold to a very select group of inside professionals for the unprecedented fee of $100! Those few fortunate enough to own one, guarded its secrets closely. Now, you can learn the innermost secrets. The Cassandra Deck is so much more than a special deck of cards, it's a tool that enables the amateur or professional magician to perform miracles. This book contains 64 original tricks that are designed to shock both your audiences as well as you with their directness and mystery. You will also be shown what no one has ever known before, exactly how to build your own Cassandra Deck. Each trick is so uniquely different you can do an entire show with The Cassandra Deck and your audience will experience a wide variety of magic and mentalism-not just card tricks! Absolutely one of the finest pieces of workable mentalism. A tossed out deck where you name each person's card directly! A method for learning real contact mindreading! Poker and Blackjack demonstrations. A Cards Across where thought of cards fly across the room! Any Card at Any Number and you predict both the card and the number! A Card in Cigarette with a thought-of card! And 57 more ways to learn pocket writing, swami writing, sound reading, pencil reading, plus book tests, billet tests, cold reading effects and more! Staplebound, 64 pages.

Heirloom Heirloom -- Brad's Update: Over time I have come to believe that Heirloom is one of the finest tricks ever released. It takes the trick Kolassal Killer and REVS IT UP to OVERDRIVE! Do not over look the Heirloom Wallet that is specially designed and custom made just for this wonderful piece of truly stunning magic. -Brad Burt Imagine an effect that packs in to your wallet, taking up very little room. An effect that packs such a punch when you perform it that your spectators get goosebumps just thinking about it. Imagine an effect that people talk about for years to come. 'Heirloom' is all of this. It is a 'Mental/Magic' kind of effect, suitable for casual performance, table-hopping, strolling magic and more. It comes with a very strong presentation that will captivate your audience and lead to a shattering climax. It could possibly be the greatest performance piece you ever own! The 'Heirloom' is a old sepia photograph. Of your Great Uncle Charlie - a superstitious old gambler. The photograph clearly shows a prediction made by the spectator to be 100% correct. And... it can always be examined. 'Heirloom' takes the whole concept right to the very edge; the new ideas introduced will blow your audience away. The presentation, which you are given in full, delivers an emotionally charged moment of astonishment to your spectators and shows no mercy! This is the first and only time Kenton Knepper has authorized his principle for use in an effect. You will fool magicians who already know this principle with 'Heirloom'! And what's more, just look at the quality of the work involved. It is beautiful. Heirloom includes high quality props and a full description of the 'Kolossal Killer' principle and a completely scripted presentation for the effect that will absolutely blow your audience away.

Hyrum the Haunted Hank Hyrum the Haunted Hank -- Another one of my favorite close-up tricks. I have used this for both casual and show work. Here we go: You display an attractive handkerchief. It is placed on the table and the corner folded in towards the middle. Placing just the thumbs of both hands on the hanky, suddenly the hanky begins to move. The middle rises up and settles down. It jumps into the air, etc. This takes a little practice, but is a blast to do. Cannot be examined, but most of the items in this catagory cannot be.

Loops Trick by Yigal Loops Trick by Yigal -- You get five pre-made invisible elastic bands for close-up levitation work: Dollar bills, moving small objects, etc. Comes complete with excellent instructions.

Max Maven's Videomind Volume One  Max Maven's Videomind Volume One -- It's done under what can be the most difficult conditions: performing for a medium - sized audience with no formal stage setting to focus attention. Sightlines are often poor, and people must be drawn into the experience even if they can't see everything clearly. Too, you may be working surrounded, so you'd better be sure there are no angle problems. And, as it's likely to be a social occasion filled with potential distractions, your material needs to be compelling from the very first moment: intriguing presentations that build to powerful conclusions. This video features a range of commercial Parlor Mentalism. No pre-show work, no secret assistance; this is practical material for the solo performer, using subtle and unusual methods that are as fascinating as the effects they produce. You'll learn: The Mockingbird - A sampling from the fabled "Birds of Prey" series. At its core, an inexplicable demonstration of playing card telepathy - but you'll discover how audience participation and an unfolding plot structure can transform an already strong effect into a full - fledged routine. Autome - An extraordinary book test using plain, ungimmicked props under the fairest conditions. This is a remarkable routine in and of itself, but it also introduces principles for which you'll find a host of other uses. Divine Write - (Previously Unrevealed): Mutual mentalism with built - in appeal. The performer tries an imposing experiment in clairvoyance, working simultaneously with a member of the audience. Despite the overwhelming odds, the outcome is successful for both! Zenvelopes: - A test of intuition using several participants and a number of ESP symbol cards hidden inside opaque envelopes. These are thoroughly mixed by the spectators, who then pair them off by playing their hunches. When the contents are examined, all the symbols have matched perfectly. Kurotsuke - (Previously Unrevealed) An ancient game from the imperial court of Japan is turned into a delightful . . .

Max Maven's Videomind Volume Three Max Maven's Videomind Volume Three -- Formal performance conditions: a stage, a schedule, and the obligation to entertain an audience of paying customers. What you need for this type of situation is material that will allow you to connect with a large group; routines that are efficiently structured for maximum impact so that they'll generate interest, maintain a robust energy level, and hold the spectators' attention from start to finish. Goal Mine (Previously Unrevealed) - This is an ideal opener: a routine of mental persuasion that serves to establish the performer's credentials, gets several audience members involved, has a climax that virtually guarantees laughter and applause - and all of the props can fit in your breast pocket. Tossed - Out Tech (Previously Unrevealed) - One of the most valuable techniques of mentalism has also been one of the least understood - until now. This section covers an effect that has been a feature item in Max Maven's professional repertoire for over two decades. This is not a basic "bare bones" description; it is an in - depth analysis; knowledge developed through years of study, and honed during thousands of performances. The information that is disclosed here constitutes a virtual "post - graduate course" in mentalism. Khan Artist (Previously Unrevealed) - The performer forecasts how members of the audience will rearrange a set of symbols. The props are so uncomplicated, so innocent in's no wonder that this deceptively simple effect has hoodwinked some of the keenest minds in the business. Contimental - Could there be more direct exhibition of mindreading? Consider this: A spectator thinks of an international location; the mentalist reveals it. The end. There's no advance work, nothing is written down, and there are no props required. You can even perform this over the telephone! Psign - A prediction, quick and to the point. A large board is displayed, back - out. A spectator selects one of eight different designs, which proves to . . .

Max Maven's Videomind Volume Two Max Maven's Videomind Volume Two -- Perhaps the most intimate form of entertainment that can be presented in public. It requires a delicate interplay in order to achieve a balance between the charming and the disquieting. This is material designed for very small groups, or even working one - on - one. This video features a range of commercial Close - Up Mentalism. No pre - show work, no secret assistance; this is practical material for the solo performer, using subtle and unusual methods that are as fascinating as the effects they produce. You'll learn: Shape - Up (Previously Unrevealed) - One card has been removed from as ESP deck. A person is invited to deal through the rest of the pack, turning cards face - up one by one and stopping at any time. The stopped - at symbol is the same as on the card that was previously set aside. Changeling - A pleasingly simple routine using a handful of ordinary coins, in which the mentalist successfully predicts precisely how many coins will be selected by the spectator. Isolation - The participant chooses which of several unprepared magazines will be used. That is opened to a random page, from which a random word is noted while the performer's head is turned away. In a convincing telepathic display, the mentalist extracts the word from the person's mind! Key To The Future - An amiable variation on the classic "Seven Keys to Baldpate" effect using an ungimmicked padlock and several keys, only one of which can open the lock. This time it is the spectator whose psychic abilities are tested. Will the working key be located - and will the performer know the outcome in advance? Symbalance (Previously Unrevealed) - A standard pack of ESP symbol cards is employed along with two participants. The mentalist divines the first person's thought - of design. He then discerns the second person's symbol with an offbeat demonstration of "tactile intuition." Positive Negative - A lesson in spectator management in the form of an engaging bit of prognostic pantomime . . .

Maximum Mind Control by David Eldridge Maximum Mind Control by David Eldridge -- David Eldridge’s booklet Mind Control took the magic world by storm. Here at last was a place to find the  ‘Real Work’ on the Magician’s Force! And, indeed it was. Both the book and the video have been best sellers and that’s with very little advertising on our part. Two years have gone by and David’s NEW and EXPANDED work ‘Maximum Mind Control’ is now out and ONLY available from Brad Burt’s Magic Shop. Maximum Mind Control has THREE TIMES as much material as Mind Control. It contains everything that was in the original Mind Control, but reworked and added to and THEN it builds from there. You get 100 FULL SIZE pages in a spiral bound format for easy reading and study. Yes, we ARE paying more to have them spiral bound, but this is a work book for magicians who want to CONTROL what their spectators select and when they select it! There is work here from such brilliant minds as Kenton Knepper, Lee Eearle, Peter Marcucci, and Bob Farmer. This IS the kind of information that will revolutionize your performance, and give you a set of tools and techniques that will add power to your magic. There are NO pipe dreams here. The material inside is practical, use-it-everyday magic technique. Want a quote from a top flight magic guy? Here: “‘Equivoque’ or ‘The Magician’s Choice’ is an important, yet oft misunderstood and abused technique in magic. David Eldridge is a master of the art. Through his entertaining magic and metalism, he teaches the proper application of this very important tool. I have no “choice”, but to recommend his work.” -Michael Sibbernsen, Magic entertainer, writer, and creative consultantMaximum Mind Control contains items that Dave used to produce in the shop and sell as fast as he could make them!  Highly recommended.

Mind Control: The DVD Mind Control: The DVD -- IMPORTANT NOTE: I finally took the plunge and had this wonderful tape made into a DVD. Please note that it is NOT indexed. I wanted to keep the price low so that it would get into the hands of as many magicians as possible. But, I don't think you will find it a problem. In any case enjoy and USE the material you find here. You will not regret it. -Brad Burt This is the DVD that compliments David's best-selling book, Maximum Mind Control. All of the effects on this DVD are accomplished through the use of Equivoque: The Magician's Choice Force (along with some other "stuff"), but you won't know how! David Eldridge is a MASTER of the technique. It is almost spooky! The effects on this video are of the Bizzare/Mentalism genre. Pretty creepy stuff, but you can adapt the presentations to fit your own personal style. The effect "Test of Time" will numb your mind, and Dave's handling of Phil Goldstein's B'wave will freak you out. David's ESP Trick will have goose bumps running up your spine, and YOU running out to get an ESP deck! "The Mark of Abigail", the opening effect in Dave's act will turn your hair white, and is worth the price of the tape! GET THIS ONE TODAY!!!!

Psi-Con Ruse by Phil Goldstein Psi-Con Ruse by Phil Goldstein -- Effect: A spectator is asked to freely shuffle a deck of cards. The mentalist displays a book on divination, explaining that he has been studying Cartomancy-the ancient system of telling fortunes with playing cards. An envelope is then given to the participant to hold and the performer says, "Even though we've never met before, inside this envelope is a Cartomantic reading that I've prepared just for you. Let's see if the system works!" The top five cards of the shuffled pack are taken and displayed by being inserted into the edge of the book. The spectator is told to choose any of the five cards. The selected card is, for example, the four of clubs. The four unchosen cards are shown to be all different. When the fortune message is removed from the envelope, it reads: "You have a compassionate nature and strong leadership potential. Your sense of humor is admired by others. Your lucky card is the four of clubs!" Includes detailed, 8-page booklet written by Phil Goldstein and fully-illustrated by Tony Dunn and the five specially-printed cards on Bicycle stock that make this effect possible.

Psychokinetic Silverware Psychokinetic Silverware -- If you really could bend metal with your mind, Psychokinetic Silverware is exactly how it would look. You’ll see cold, hard steel melt like butter–bending, twisting, breaking and moving seemingly on its own, even in a spectator’s hand! Banachek’s metal bending is so amazing and so realistic that he has often been accused of being and doing “the real thing.” In fact, after studying Banachek’s metal bending the McDonnell Laboratory for Psychic Research proudly announced to the scientific community that they had discovered someone with genuine psychic abilities! The National Inquirer and other media have also heralded Banachek’s psychokinetic talents. On this videotape, Gerry and Banachek finally reveal the real secrets to these amazing routines. Not only will you get to see how everything looks in performance, you’ll also learn the real inside work, the fine points and psychology of metal bending. These are secrets which have have been very tightly guarded...until now

The Cassandra Deck by Docc Hilford The Cassandra Deck by Docc Hilford -- In 1999 magic history was made. Less than 50 professional mentalists were invited to own a new special deck and for this honor they each paid $100! After the 50 decks were gone, many pros tried to get one of these wonderful decks, but were turned away. The secret was to be kept exclusive for four years. Now that time is up and you can own the same deck for much, much less! The Cassandra Deck is unlike anything you've seen before. Here are just two of the many effects possible: You write a prediction on a slip of paper and place it aside. The deck is slowly shown to a spectator. She sees that every card is different. It is riffled toward her again and this time she silently remembers any card she sees. You're able to tell her exactly which card she mentally chose! And better yet, written on the slip of paper is the name of the same card! A deck of cards is shown to contain all different cards, then wrapped with a rubberband and tossed into the audience. Any number of people can peek at cards and you identify each person's card! Not all the cards at once, but each card one at a time! Important Features The deck can be ribbon spread on a table to show what seems to be 52 different cards. There are no specially printed cards, nothing added or taken away. Each card can be chosen by hand or examined by the spectator. You know exactly where any thought-of card is in the deck. The deck can be cut and shuffled repeatedly. The spectator never has to write anything. The effects can be repeated with different cards mentally chosen each time. Very easy to do! No memorization or difficult sleight-of-hand required. Comes with a Cassandra Deck on Bicycle stock and detailed instructions.

Wonder Readings by Knepper / Sikes Wonder Readings by Knepper / Sikes -- NOTICE!  This wonderful package is BACK and it's now on 6 CD's.  I believe that the spiral bound book is now something like a PDF...on the 6th CD...pretty sure that's what they have done!  Love it!  The price has dropped a whopping $75.00 and that's pretty cool!  This is flat out the best product of it's type and it's been unavailable for several years.  If you are looking to add entertaining "Psychic" readings to your show this product rocks.  Highly recommended for those wanting to work in this profitable niche market.NOTE 2:  For those leary of the 'psychic' reading concept note that you need not have to play it that way.  You can do "personality readings" or whatever.  On an ethical level, you can make it clear that what you are doing is for entertainment purposes, and that it is the product of intensive study into the "nature" of the human experience or whatever spin you prefer.  Buying the 120 page spiral bound book and the 4 audio cassettes that are supplied may be one of the two or three best professional investments you will make as a magician or a mentalist. Although the material would seem to be more in line with what a mentalist would use the fact is that the addition of ‘psychic’, ‘personality analysis’, etc. readings to the programs offered by a magician can be a HUGE money maker. Consider that on average the mentalist can ask for and get MUCH higher fees than most magicians! Why? Is it because what the mentalist offers is so much ‘better’? NO! It is because many times mentalism is simply more interesting to people who would like to believe that ‘maybe’ someone CAN see into the future. I had a magician friend years ago that made a great deal of money by opening with a 30 minute magic act. He finished with a terrific mental routine and then offered to do ‘readings’ for folks after the show. This was of course part of the agreement with the client. He could sometimes pick up as much as . . .

Cards of Cairo by Docc Hilford Cards of Cairo by Docc Hilford -- Docc Hilford's Cards of Cairo is a piece of apparent fortunetelling that's very easy to do and completely baffles any audience. Here's the effect: The faces of three over-sized cards are shown to the audience. You explain that everyone will now take a mystical journey from the past, through the present and into the future. You go on to explain that the journey began in the past when you wrote three predictions about a spectator and sealed them under plastic to the backs of each card. A spectator chooses a face-up card and when the card is turned over it reads, "You Will Choose This Card First" and it even goes on to say something about the spectator's future. Of course, everyone thinks it's just a joke and that all the cards say the same thing. But, when the second card chosen is turned over it reads, "This Card Will Be Picked Second!" The final card's prediction prognosticates that it will be the last of the spectator's selections, three for three! Completely self-contained Nothing is switched Predictions really are sealed to the cards Predictions were written before the show No forcing-every choice is completely free! Easy to do Includes three cards, gimmicks, pen and detailed instructions

Precognition Deck Precognition Deck -- The magician tosses a deck of cards to any volunteer in the audience and relates that earlier in the day he had a premonition. He asks the volunteer to simply name any card in the deck-he has a completely free choice. The magician continues to explain that after his premonition he removed one card from the pack and placed it in his pocket. The spectator himself then removes the cards from the case and counts them out, looking at each card's face. He gets all the way through the deck and finds there are only 51 cards, none of which were his named selection! The performer reaches into his pocket and removes one card...the spectator's selection! No pocket indexes, roughing fluid, adhesives, short cards, deck switches or sleight-of-hand, the ingenious deck does it all for you The deck is in the spectator's hands before the effect begins and the magician never touches the cards Any of the 52 cards may be named Comes complete with the very special deck of cards and fully-illustrated instructions.

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