toolbar powered by Conduit

Note:  You can click the banner above to GET the Toolbar!

Another note that is really, REALLY important.  I have spent over 300 hours looking for just the right company
to give me a workable 'Magic' Toolbar.  PRIVACY is important to me.  Knowing all the junk that can be added 
to such products I was very careful in my final selection.  PLEASE, go to the Privacy statement at the bottom 
of this page and read it.  I pulled it right off the company page and I have found it to be completely truthful as I 
have experimented with the program.  I have found the functionality to be superb and use it myself constantly 
during the day.  I especially like the Space Invaders Game....but, there you go!

Here it is!  The Brad Burt's Magic Shop Online Toolbar and it's very, very cool.  
Just the "Gadgets" alone are worth twice the price....oh, that's right it's FREE!

I've spent hours customizing this 'Magic Toolbar' so that my magic friends will 
want to keep it around and use it.  Try the Email Notification thingy.  Neat.

Anyway, the Magic News dodad allows me to send you real time notes and 
notices about New Stuff, Reviews and Information that is hot off of somewhere 
on the web!

There are couple of things that the Banner does not show.  My favorite and my 
wife's favorite is the incredibly cool NET RADIO.  I mean this thing rocks!!!  I'm 
a Blues freak so I have a bunch of Blues stations I selected.  Again, this thing is 
so easy to use it's embarrassing.  

Uninstall it if you don't like it?  No problem!  It was one of my first questions.
Here's the scoop:

Here is how you can uninstall your toolbar from your computer:
IE toolbar:
Go to Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs -> Select your toolbar name from the list and click on the 'Change/Remove' button

Firefox toolbar:
Go to Tools -> Add Ons or Extensions -> Select your toolbar from the list and click on the 'Uninstall' button

We will appreciate any feedback on why you are not satisfied from the toolbar and want to delete it.

We are committed to the privacy and security of our users. Our software is completely safe to install and use: it is unobtrusive, easy to deactivate and remove, and does not transmit any information in a manner that can identify a user. Unidentifiable statistics are sent to our system regarding usage of toolbar features. The statistics are completely anonymous and do not contain any personal identification. Toolbar users are allowed to disable statistical data transfer at any given time. We do not match individual users with their specific Web or toolbar usage and don't share the specifics with anybody. Most importantly, our software does only what it's supposed to do - help users search and surf more effectively. Moreover, our toolbar:
   DOES NOT spy on your browsing habits.
   DOES NOT launch pop-up or pop-under advertisements. Our business model is based on displaying sponsored links on search results pages (advertisers pay per click, not per appearance).
   DOES NOT "hijack" your searches.
   DOES NOT modify pages you visit.
   DOES NOT block uninstallation. Our toolbar can be removed in seconds by using a standard uninstaller.
   DOES NOT create security holes: The toolbar will not make it easier for other people or programs to access your computer.
   DOES NOT and will not sell or rent your email address and other personal information.